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People have used metaphors since the birth of mankind. Metaphors are a way to get around censorship as well as to help us see truths that we may not be able to face if they were stated plainly. It is a way to accentuate beauty as well as pain through this medium of the unstated comparison. When you are reading an appropriate metaphor you are immediately drawn between the truth of the comparison that is being alluded to. The ability to understand metaphoric language opens the key to poetry of tremendous beauty.
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Tradition Poem, A Broken Family Tree
By Lori McBride
Recommended For Students
I am one of many
Small branches of a broken tree
Always looking to the ones above
For guidance, strength and security.
One little branch trying
To keep the others from breaking ..........
Votes: 361,  Rating: 4.42 , 12 Stories
The Mask
I look in the mirror at the beginning of each day, and ask myself what mask should I place on my face today.

No not the sad one it's too revealing, I don't want to show the world my true ..........
Votes: 181,  Rating: 4.34 , 1 Story
You're Beautiful As Yourself, The Rose
By Billie Jo
The sun went away
The sky went black
Up came the wind
I fell on my back

It started to rain
I began to sink
Then I lifted my head
And took a drink

I perked myself ..........
Votes: 76,  Rating: 4.25
The Well
By Laurie A. Eisenhart
You were to be my well
But there was little to drink
How am I to slake my thirst
When you taunt me like an oasis

You were to be my armor
Yet I still was hurt by our own
How am I ..........
Votes: 40,  Rating: 4.05
Poem Of A Journey To Adulthood, A Stream, River And Ocean
She was born
The stream, from an old spring and eternal mother.
Goes down ní down with
The help of the power of the spring,
Till she becomes mellow.
Now itís a beauteous young lady ..........
Votes: 27,  Rating: 4.04 , 1 Story
Poem About Seeing What People Are Really Like, Midnights Calling
By Molly Nicole Russell
First moons light
Darkness is bright.

Silvers reflects pure
Gold is no more.

Diamonds will shine
This night will be mine.

The memories it holds
Be forever untold.
Votes: 16,  Rating: 4
Inspired By A Friend
The eraser erased my bad habits
While the pencil drew in new ones
The glue stick glued on a whole new face
As the scissors cut away my background and past
The ball point pen then made the ..........
Votes: 138,  Rating: 3.99 , 1 Story
Love Is
By T.M.L
Love is a burning candle
It's not always easy to handle
It burns, but it's still beautiful
And it makes celebrations oh so meaningful

It's a sunset
Burning with romance
A ..........
Votes: 559,  Rating: 3.9 , 1 Story
In a sea of salt waters
Endevours are enclosed
As insobriety washes away
My lifes secrets are exposed
Loss all around me is fully evident
As my soul begins to scream
Not knowing ..........
Votes: 51,  Rating: 3.86
An Ocean Of Memories
By Kimberly L. Briones
Recommended For Students
My family is the ocean around us.

My father is the hurricane,
knocking anything and everybody out of his path.

My mother is the sunshine after the storm (my father),
clearing ..........
Votes: 42,  Rating: 3.79
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