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Poem of the Day For : 5/3/2012

Category: Love Poems
Subcategory: True Love Poems

Votes: 246
Rating: 3.99

This poem is for the person I have been with for 5 months now and I still love her.

My Heart

© Tony

Being with you everyday makes my love for you grow even stronger.
My love grows even stronger every time I'm around you.
So strong that if my love for you was a string it would be double knotted.
My heart pounds more than a clock ticks faster than a plane taking off.
I feel as though my heart wants to pound out of my chest pull out a white flag and surrender itself to you.
You are like my pollen to my flower without you I couldn't grow.
You are like the sunlight of my day without you I couldn't see.
You are the heart of my body without you I couldn't live.

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