Short Friendship Poems

Being friends is about sharing our lives with others. There are some aspects of our lives that require that we spend a lot of time together or a lot of writing to help convey our feelings. Other times sharing only a few words are more than adequate. It is not always the long conversation that conveys the deepest feelings. Sometimes, longer modes of expression may seem redundant and lacking in profundity. Putting just the right combination of words on paper in a succinct style may just hit the spot.

Short Poems about Friends

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True Friends
By Emily
Best friends stick together till the end,
They are like a straight line that will not bend.

They trust each other forever,
No matter if you're apart you are together.

They can be ..........
Votes: 799,  Rating: 4.04 , 7 Stories
Smile It Is Free
By Heather Black
A smile is cheer from you to me,
the cost is nothing its given for free.
They console the weary and gladden the sad.
And can make someone happy when they are mad.
Unlike blessings in ..........
Votes: 1029,  Rating: 4 , 4 Stories
One In A Million, Short True Friend Poem
By Ashley Campbell
A friend is like a star that twinkles and glows
Or maybe like the ocean that gently flows
A friend is like gold that you should treasure
And take care of forever and ever
A friend is ..........
Votes: 152,  Rating: 3.91
You're A Friend, Together
By Zoe
You're a friend my companion
When you come for tea
You listen to my problems
And sort them out for me
With happiness
With smiles
With pain and tears
I know you'll be there ..........
Votes: 598,  Rating: 3.87 , 3 Stories
My Friend Is The Best, My Friend, Brielle
By Cathy Madison
My friend, Brielle, is the best.
She is nicer then the rest.
When you are sad and have a frown,
She will turn it upside down.
Brielle is artistic, creative, too.
She is always there ..........
Votes: 83,  Rating: 3.81
You Have A Friend In Me
By Kase And Sash
you have a friend in me ,
don't try and hide your feelings because your best friend can see.
I mean the world to you,
that's how I know our friendship is true.
we will be besties 4 life ..........
Votes: 192,  Rating: 3.8
Smile, You Have Your Best Friends Love
By Jessica R. Dillinger
If you're feeling down, turn your frown upside down.
Put a smile on your face, take the world in your embrace.
Ask for a little help from the man up above.
And remember you have your best ..........
Votes: 146,  Rating: 3.8 , 2 Stories
Always There For Friend, You
By Jess
when I was alone
you were there

when I would cry till death
you were there

when I would sit alone in the dark
you would be there

and now I promise that I will always ..........
Votes: 97,  Rating: 3.67
We're Best Friends
By Nikita
Like a daisy in the sun,
she's my friend she's no.1,
she is as sweet as a chocolate bun,
she still remembers she's no.1,
so if you think your feeling down,
give a friend a call she'll ..........
Votes: 403,  Rating: 3.64 , 4 Stories
Short Poem About Friendship In A Small Town, Life So Far
By Ally Stoj
Small town
No where to go
Can't leave until your 18
Moms hold on
Best friends next door
True friendship show
So many friends, so much love
It seems so far, its taking ..........
Votes: 10,  Rating: 3.6
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