Jewish Holiday Poem

Poem about Shabbat Shalom

A woman enjoying family time at peace with her family and the world.

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© Lindsay C. Overstreet

Published on February 2006

Shabbat Shalom

As I sit here,
I feel so warm and comfortable, all stress is gone,
My loaded mind is finally clear,
I haven't felt so calm in awhile,
And all I can help but do is smile,
This room filled with happy, joyful people,
My family makes me so relaxed, there's nowhere else I'd rather be, I stare,
At objects in the room, my emotions no longer in an exploding flare,
Of hot flames, I look into my grandmother's eyes,
Now they're filled with the joy of a brilliant sky,
Now I look over and see,
My grandpa lying down in his sleep, his thoughts free,
To roam around,
Peace I have finally found,
We are all finally together, my,
Family and I.


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