Thanksgiving Poems

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday with wonderful food. It is a time to celebrate that G-d has given us so much bounty that we can stuff ourselves with food. It is also a time to get together with family, eat delicious food, and in general feel good about ourselves. We loosen our belt buckles a notch, settle into the couch and enjoy a couple of football games. What could be more American than Thanksgiving. It is the American Holiday that is celebrated more than any other.

Poems for Thanksgiving

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Turkey's Thanksgiving Wish
By Eva Adolfo
If a turkey will make a wish
It would be a long, long list.
It will give you all sorts of reasons
To change that turkey tradition.

It will wish you change your mind
Of having a ..........
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Cute Poem About Thanksgiving Meal From Turkey's View Point, King For A Day
By Jo McNally
Im resting here quite regally
The feature of the table
Surrounded by potatoes that
Id taste if I were able.

My subjects, scrubbed and beaming,
Circle ..........
Votes: 9,  Rating: 4.22
Mother's Thanksgiving Dinner
By Carmen R. Kincaid

A woman of age, eleven she'd given birth
Darkened hair, highlighted with grey
An apron draped over her rounded belly
A dinner of thanks she was preparing
The aroma of turkey ..........
Votes: 10,  Rating: 3.5
Short Thanksgiving Poem, Thankful
By Mandy Cidlik
No ghosts or goblins and trick-or-treats,
No candy or flowers for your sweets.
No gifts to buy or presents to give,
Just be THANKFUL for the life that you live.
Votes: 6,  Rating: 3.5
The Day After
By Virginia Miranda
Keeping up our tradition
Work my bones to the occasion
No one to appreciate my special feast
The dinner table was empty
No one to sit
No one to thank God for their Blessing
No one ..........
Votes: 6,  Rating: 3.5
Thanksgiving Gobble
It is not really accidental
that this poem's not sentimental,
he tried to run - it's too late,
now the turkey's on the plate,
and may your appetite be monumental.
Votes: 55,  Rating: 3.44
Company Of The Bread
By Francis H. Higgins
The meal is ready.
Grandpa sits at the head of the table.
Grandpa's right hand is Grandma,
she also has the seat of that honor.
Grandpa's left hand is Mom and the son he never had.
It ..........
Votes: 18,  Rating: 3.33
Thanksgiving Poems 1-7 of 7    
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