Wedding Poems

A wedding is a most auspicious occasion. That two people have found each other and are willing to commit to spend their lives together is nothing short of a miracle. This event is a time of unparalleled joy. There are many different styles of weddings based on the traditions of the families involved. Of all occasions, weddings and funerals are probably the occasions where traditions are most observed. These are time when we mark our relationship to life. At a wedding we celebrate the beginning of the forming of a new family.

Poems for Weddings

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My Little Girl Don't Cry For Me
By Chastity
My little Girl, Don't cry for me
I'll be right by your side.
I'd never miss out on this day
that you become a bride.

I'm here with you to hold your hand
and give your heart ..........
Votes: 291,  Rating: 4.63 , 16 Stories
My Wedding Day
By Lacey D. Karlek
I think about the time,
Not so long ago,
That when I needed a helping hand,
You where the first to know

I think about the memories,
The good times we've shared,
I think about ..........
Votes: 94,  Rating: 4.5 , 1 Story
Heirloom Of Love
There she sits before her mirror
Primping in excitement, her face flushed
Today is her day; she will never know
How much I hurt, how scared I am
Of the void she will leave behind ..........
Votes: 37,  Rating: 4.43 , 1 Story
Country Wedding Poem, The Wedding
By John B. Langley

The groom stood by his solemn bride before the country preacher
Angelic hosts had gathered close to notice every feature
The tall man stood in suit of blue, the short bride dressed in ..........
Votes: 35,  Rating: 4.43 , 1 Story
Poem For My New Daughter-In Law, Welcome To Our Family
By Cappy Giachelli
I wanted to tell you on this day;
How much you mean to me;
And welcome you with open arms
into our family;

It was so easy for me to see ;
Votes: 199,  Rating: 4.41
My Darling Daughter, My Ashley
By Shannon Smith Harwell
My darling daughter, Ashley,
I just want you to know
wherever your life takes you,
my heart shall also go.

When I learned that you were coming,
it was a wonderful night!
But ..........
Votes: 161,  Rating: 4.37 , 3 Stories
Just Yesterday
By Danielle Neidich
I cant believe this day is finally here,
Just yesterday we were building tents in your room,
When did the time disappear?
It seems like just yesterday.

Remember when you ..........
Votes: 29,  Rating: 4.28
Today's My Daughter's Wedding Day
By Andrew
Today's my daughter's wedding day.
And a wonderful thing it is;
To see her so excited,
So happy to be his.

But once she was my baby girl;
My first born, love of my life.
But now ..........
Votes: 81,  Rating: 4.22
Thinking Of You In Heaven On Our Wedding Day, Heaven Holds You
By Tammy L. Magner

On this day of marriage
You are watching from above
Along with all of us you are
Witnessing our love

This day is very beautiful
As we both have said, I do.
But something ..........
Votes: 63,  Rating: 4.22
Wedding Day Thoughts
By Mark S. Rogers

On your wedding day we ponder
All the stages that you've known
From the time that you were little
Until now that you are grown
But most of all we look forward
And try to guess, and ..........
Votes: 50,  Rating: 4.18
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