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Holidays are many things to many people. For some, the primary function of a holiday is its religious significance. It is a time when specific spiritual opportunities are available to experience. For others holidays are primarily about family getting together. Most people do not work and so there is an opportunity to renew family bonds. Relatives that you haven't seen in a while join together with you to celebrate the family that you belong too. People that do not have large families or may not want to join together with them may celebrate with friends.

Poems about the Holiday of Easter

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Poem About Easter And Its Meaning
  • by Deborah Wininger
  • Published: 5/3/2014
Thoughts Of Easter

I awoke before dawn this Easter morn,
Laid very still and just thought,
Not of the eggs and bunnies that Easter brings,
But of the gift of life that it brought,…

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The Meaning Behind Easter
  • by Michael A Burke Sr
  • Published: Aug 2008

When Jesus came on the scene
He came in a way that was humble
Here on earth
He never mumbled nor grumbled…

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