I Miss You Poem

This was written to my boyfriend in jail while I was missing him more than words can describe.

The Game

© Susan Christensen
Let me tell you about a game I play
Where I close my eyes and fade away

I float away to a special place
Beyond the stars and moon and space

In this special place you see
There are only two people - just you and me

In this place, all is right
Nothing but love, and we never fight

In this place, there is no sadness
No cells, no courts, none of that madness

No rules to follow, no laws to break
No bars to hold us or separate

No one to tell us we can't kiss or touch
I don't just tell you "I love you" - I show you how much

But eventually the game must end
My eyes must open, and reality sets in

But someday soon - I'm not sure when
I will close my eyes and play my game again


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Published: Jun 2008

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  • I want to say that this poem said it all it wasn't very long but it explained a lot of true feelings and I loved it. it brought a tear to my eye

    angel Submitted Aug 2008
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  • The story touched me a lot and gave me goose bumps. Cause my boyfriend is in jail and I am going through the same thing right now

    pam Submitted Sep 2008
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  • its a nice poem I'm going through the same

    linda Submitted Dec 2008
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  • Wow ...... Couldn't have been better said......... My heart has been breaking for the past two years & will continue to hurt for the next 10

    Jennifer Submitted Jan 2009
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  • Thank you for your poem, I've been looking for words of comfort like this for a while to share with my boyfriend who is also in jail. Much love to all who are going through the same thing xx

    Matthew Submitted Jan 2009
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  • Recently my girl got put in jail for a crime she did not do and part of her punishment was to not have contact with me. I miss her so much and ill wait on her no matter how long it takes even if its till the day I die. I love her and this poem somewhat explains it, the rest of the feelings cant be put in words.

    Crystal Rolen Submitted Feb 2009
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  • My husband is in jail now and is waiting to go to prison. I have a lot of regrets about how we spent the last few weeks together. We fussed and wasted what little time we had left. We have a little girl together and it's just real hard. I love him so dearly, and miss him so desperately. I can't imagine the next year and a half without him. I guess I didn't realize how much I counted on him until he was gone. I want him with us where he belongs. He was our rock and I just miss him and can hardly wait till we are spending our life together as a family again.

    stacy swaim Submitted Mar 2009
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  • My boyfriend just went to jail recently and he is looking at 90 days for his first case and up to 5 years prison for his second case. It's only been a month and I miss him so much. I write him a letter a week and see him for 20 minutes three times a week and its never enough. My heart is broken and this is so hard for me. I try to find the words to explain to him how I feel about all of it and I read this poem and it's all there in very little words. Thank you so much

    Amy Submitted Apr 2009
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  • I am sorry to you. My brother is in prison and I cannot imagine his pain and his girlfriend's pain. It must be so great. The man I love my husband of 10 years was in jail for 17 days in the beginning of our relationship for something that was not his fault and it was terrible. SO unfair especially when in the end it was not his fault and they knew. They don't say sorry...they just say go home. Ugh.

    Mandy Submitted May 2009
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  • I feel this poem. My boyfriend is in jail, I haven't seen him for 245 days and I'm going crazy with out him. When he gets out we are getting married. I tried to find a poem to send him and I think I found one…You are good. Thank you for writing this poem and I hope the best for you and your man

    jamie Submitted Aug 2009
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  • my partner has been in prison for 2 1/2 years and is finding it very hard emotionally to be away from me and our 2 children and this poem has given me some ideas how to express the way I feel and show him that by no means is he forgotten thank you

    nina Submitted Sep 2009
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  • my boyfriend is in jail right now and I miss him terribly! we have a baby due in 2 months and we are hoping he will be out in time. his family and I love him and miss him very much!

    lisa mulins Submitted Sep 2009
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  • wow, to the comment above, I think its crazy how someone you don't even know and doesn't know you can be going through the same thing as you. My boyfriend is in jail too & we also have a baby due soon. I miss him more than I ever thought I could miss anyone. It gets harder everyday, especially when you experience new things with the pregnancy and you wish he was there to experience it with you. I'm sorry to hear you are going through the same as me and I honestly wish you and your bf the best of luck. Congratulations on the little angel by the way.

    And to everyone else, I wish you all the best of luck. You're strong women for being able to deal with being away from your loved ones for so long.

    Nicole Submitted Sep 2009
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  • This poem made me cry it showed in so few words what women like us go through everyday our man is away. Stay strong ladies and stand by your man.

    Danielle Submitted Oct 2009
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  • This poem pretty much summed up what I'm feeling. It brought tears to my eyes. I miss him so much!!

    jade Submitted Oct 2009
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  • Well my husband is in prison pullin 2 years and we have a 2 year old little girl. I have 2 brothers and 1 cousin in prison as well. My husband and I are no longer together and now my boyfriend who I love dearly has been sent to prison. He helped me with my daughter so much and now my daughter cries for him, her daddy, her uncles and her cousin. When is this pain ever going to stop? I wish the devil would just leave my family alone. He's trying to take everyone from us to hurt us but we will make it thru. My boyfriend will love this poem. I'm glad I found it..

    Kristi Submitted Nov 2009
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  • This is beautiful. I just printed a copy of it to send to my boyfriend. He just recently went to jail and I don't know how long he'll be in there. We've only been together for 4-5 months, but I think you know when you truly love someone. I miss him so much. I hope he enjoys this poem as much as I did.

    Stacey, Virginia Submitted Nov 2009
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  • I know how you feel my man is locked up and he been in there for two weeks now and I have a hard time dealing with it cause we were never apart this long and I hate being alone. I am depressed and lonely. And it is really hard to accept that I'm not going to be able to see him whenever I want. I get to visit him twice a week but it sucks because it's through a glass window and on a phone can't touch him or kiss him well should I get punished when I didn't do anything wrong. I will be out here waiting on him like a wonderful girlfriend cause I love him with all my heart and soul and anyone else out there that is going through what I'm going through, I would like to talk so I'm not so lonely..
    Thanks for the poem it was great made me cry....

    Toscha, Pekin, Illinois Submitted Nov 2009
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  • I loved this poem it is so touching. Recently my boyfriend went to jail. We have only dated 2 months but we have known each other for about 4 years. I like to play games like that just close my eyes and pretend he is right next to me. The letters really help a lot, I couldn't stop crying when I got the first letter. No matter what I love him.

    Kayla, Wisconsin Submitted Dec 2009
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  • I really enjoyed the poem and to know that I'm not the only one alone in this so thanks ladies. my baby just went to jail yesterday morning and I'm going crazy I already wrote 2 letters in one day, It's so hard to lose someone you love I just can't stop thinking about him.

    Nae, South Carolina Submitted Dec 2009
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  • My bf has been locked up for a year and 6 months I have been faithful to him this whole time. I just talked to him tonight and he is coming home I really do not know how to act or if it will be the same I love him to death but we're different people now.............

    Kayla, Virginia Submitted Jan 2010
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  • Great poem, my boyfriend has been in prison 3 long months, got 3 long years to go, I miss him desperately and have never felt so alone. I never realized that so many people feel exactly the way I do. Our men will come home to us ladies. Take care x

    Leeann, England Submitted Jan 2010
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  • I really liked the poem and it relates a lot to everyone feelings I think. My boyfriend went to prison on Tuesday and he hasn't been gone a week and I am going crazy! He will be gone for 8 years ... and I don't know how I am going to make it I talked to him yesterday but now that he's gone to some place he wont be able to call or anything for like 4 to 6 weeks but I am going to stay busy and just wait for that call I'm sure we all feel the same. Man I hope that these eight years go by super fast

    Brittnee, South Carolina Submitted Feb 2010
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  • Thank you for this posting this poem.. this has really helped me overcome some of my pain.. my husband is in jail, and he got sentenced to 5 years.. I'm only 18 years old and this has had a huge impact on my life.. I just wanted to say thank you and I appreciate your words in this poem..

    Cheyanne Rojas, Tishomingo Oklahoma Submitted Feb 2010
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  • My fiancι has been locked up for 7 months now, and I've been totally faithful to him 100%... He was sentenced to 5 years, but will probably only have to serve 18-24 months.. I pray everyday that he gets out early somehow.. I miss him so much and I'm not sure how to act when he comes home because he has completely changed.. anyway like someone said, our men will come home to us soon..

    Cheyanne Rojas, Tishomingo Oklahoma Submitted Feb 2010
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  • I know what your going through I'm going through the same thing at the moment and it really does suck..

    Australia Submitted Feb 2010
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  • Amazing, my boyfriend just yesterday was sentenced. He's my other half, my world. we have spent every waking moment together, never fight always happy. we were perfect together. I feel like God is punishing me for something, he took something away from me so magical and it kills me every second. I can't eat I can't sleep and I don't even want to do anything fun. he wrote me a letter before he got sentenced for me to read but I just can't do it, it will tear me apart. His sentence is for 18 months but the judge said if he's good he can get out in 6 months. For 3-4 months he will be in a correction center then the last then low security prison. He's just 20 and was sentenced for a crime he didn't do. I miss him so much I'm dying every second inside..

    Sami, Ohio Submitted Feb 2010
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  • Well said! I never thought it could be so hard... Does anyone have ideas on cute lil things I could send to him or bring him? I want to constantly remind him that I'm still here and that he has to just push on through this b.s. and we'll be together again soon.

    Kris, NE Submitted Feb 2010
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  • Hi everyone - I am so glad everyone enjoyed my poem, I posted it for the exact reason you enjoyed it-I knew there were so many other people out there going through the same thing. I searched for a poem to send my boyfriend and never quite found the right one- so I wrote one, even though I never knew I could. Stand by your man/woman - be loyal and loving- he or she needs you now more than ever. I wrote this poem in 2008, well - my man is home now and we got married and I can tell you - for me - the time he was away brought us so close. My devotion to him sealed our love and we are very happy together. Good luck to all of you!

    Susan Christensen, Louisiana Submitted Mar 2010
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  • Awwww I loved this poem!!! My hubby just got locked up and he's been in jail before but never since we met and had my lil girl..... So it's only been 2 weeks that he's been away and hopefully won't do more than 3 months. Yet I can't help not to feel like crap!!!! And the words in this poem are so perfect to send it to him and bring tears to his eyes like it did to me!!! Thanks Susan and I'm glad your GAME came true!!!!=)

    Jazmin, CA Submitted Apr 2010
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  • I loved this poem! my boyfriend has been on remand for 4 months and is getting sentenced in 6 days, and I've lost my head don't know where I'm going its horrible, I just miss him so much, I see him twice a week for 2 hours each time, write every day and speak on the phone most days x

    Sonya Submitted Apr 2010
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  • My boyfriend just recently got out of jail it really felt like the longest 9 months of my life without him..but keep your head high I know how you ladies feel not having the one you love around...but you gotta stay strong for him...in the end everything will be okay a little rough but okay.

    Rachael Submitted Apr 2010
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  • It's been more than a year since my boyfriend got locked up and it hurts me so much cuz when he left I was 6 months pregnant. Now my baby is about to be one year and he still doesn't know his father. We been together 4 years and I miss him so much. When I read this poem it made me cry, I wrote it down and send it to him. I love him so much I don't know if I'm gonna be able to take all of this..

    Jennifer, Chicago Submitted Jul 2010
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  • This poem was amazing - it brought me to tears the first time I read it... Thank you all - everyone on this site has been so inspiring. It feels so good to know others are out there feeling just like me. My baby left 2 months ago and not a moment goes by that I don't think about him. I love him so much. Thank you for reminding me that a happy ending is waiting, and that I just have to stay strong - for us both...

    J.M.S., Ohio Submitted Jul 2010
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  • My boyfriend was sentenced in December, it has been 7 long months without him. He has no clue when he is getting out, they are trying to blame him for something else he didn't even do. He is in jail now, but he might be sentenced for 5 years in prison. I just can't imagine myself without him for that long of time. Right now it seems like no one is giving us a break. I love him with everything I have, I promised him I would stick by him the whole time he is locked up, and I'm going to keep that promise. It might be hard but when I look at his letters or his picture, it seems to be a lot easier. I just want all the ladies who have a love one locked up, to not give up, if you love your man you will stick by them.

    Jessica, Ohio Submitted Jul 2010
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  • my bf has just been sentenced to 15 months I'm totally shocked and devastated I'm lost he has been gone 3 weeks and seems like 3 yrs I wish time would fly x this poem is perfect and true and babe I miss you x

    Shazz Notts Submitted Jul 2010
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  • I loved the poem, very well said :) My husband just went to jail last week to serve 53 months. He did 3 months last summer but I posted bail to spend a little time with him before his sentencing. It didn't feel like enough. I can't find the words for how I feel but I know I love him to death and I will continue to be there for him. I am terrified of how this time will hurt without him here with me. We have two children that will also miss him dearly. All I can do is stay strong for my family and pray that this time will move fast. I am so glad to hear that your husband is out and you two are doing well, that helps.

    Erin, Washington Submitted Jul 2010
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  • Beautiful Poem!! Great words, my boyfriend soon to be husband has served 1year 5 months and is soon to be released in March 2011 and I cannot wait!!! This time has been hell for us both. It kills me that I can't see him, touch him, kiss him everyday. It is very difficult to just get on with things like normal. The hardest thing is seeing other couples enjoying each other, thinking to myself that should be us right now!! But hey I say this to all the people who is waiting for their partner, be strong look forward to the future. Because one fine day they will be back in your arms. Things like this happen for a reason I believe, it can only make you stronger! Good luck people.

    Victoria Submitted Jul 2010
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  • I know how everybody feels my man has been locked up about a month 5 more to go but I am strong and so is our love and I know he will be home soon just keep your heads up and be there for them no matter what I know I will.

    Crystal Coway, Arkansas Submitted Jul 2010
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  • My boyfriend has been in jail one month and was just sentenced to 20 months in state prison . He says it will fly by . I sure hope so . but thank you this poem helped me out a lot.

    Amber, Florida Submitted Aug 2010
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  • This poem is perfect...my boyfriend has been locked up for a year and a half now and still has 2 years left :( He was locked up when I was 4 months pregnant and hasn't yet met his daughter as he is to far to visit. This will surely cheer him up.

    Samantha, Sydney Submitted Aug 2010
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  • This poem is great!! and yeah I understand how it feels my boyfriend was put behind bars a month ago and it was really hard because we were going on a vacation to relax and celebrate my birthday.. but the police stopped us and took him away from me and my son... its really hard because I'm all alone now here in the house and I can only see him once every 2 weeks and it's so hard because I know after he gets out he won't come home to me because they're going to deport him back to Mexico so I don't know until when I'm going to see him...but I still want him to know that I'm always gonna be right there no matter what I love you baby!!!

    Tatiana, Houston Submitted Aug 2010
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  • My husband is in jail. He has been there for 3+ years. He gets out in 120 days and we are both very excited !! The feelings that I have about him being incarcerated. Not being able to share things with him. Just the every day stuff we sometimes take for granted. I would not wish these circumstances on my worst enemy. It has done something to me inside I have never felt before.. It hurts.. I wish all of you the best of luck. Thank you so much for writing this poem. It cut to the heart :)

    Tammie, San Francisco Submitted Aug 2010
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  • This is an amazing poem. I'm going through the same thing right now and can't see my boyfriend for another year and a half. I love him with all my heart and I will wait for him to get out. My eyes teared up throughout the entire poem. May it work out for the two of you.

    Kitty Submitted Sep 2010
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  • My boyfriend just got arrested yesterday. We have been dating for 5 years he is my first boyfriend and first and only love, I love him so much and it makes me so upset to see him go through this. He is 18 and this is his first time in jail he is very scared and it makes me scared for him. I will wait for him until he gets out because I plan on marring him and spending my life with him. He is my world him being in jail has crushed me even though it's only been 2 days now, but I have wrote him every day and he has called me so it helps a little bit but what really helps is keep imagining him getting out and starting a better life and a family together like we have planned

    Ashley Bright Submitted Oct 2010
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  • I am 19 and my fiancι has been in prison for almost three months, and we have 19 months to go. He asked me to marry him after he left, but when you love someone so much you just know. There is no feeling in this world that can amount to how much I miss him and love him. There is not a minute that goes by that I am not thinking about him. I don't get to visit him, and if he gets judicial release then he gets out in August of 2011. I have to be grateful he is only gone 2 years, if it was a day longer I don't know what I would do. This poem opened my eyes in so little words and put all my feelings into one place. I printed a copy and have one in the mail for my fiancι. I get ridicule all the time for loving him, but I would never walk away from him. A 15 minute phone call brightens my day and my letter I get from him makes it feel like Christmas day. He is the love of my life. We have our wedding date set, I can't wait to marry him. Missing him is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

    Katie, Ohio Submitted Oct 2010
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  • This poem was exactly what I needed to hear. My boyfriend was in jail a few weeks ago for 5 days, got out, then went back in 5 days later. I haven't talked to him in over a week and have no idea what is going on. He told me the day he got in that he would be calling me tomorrow, so I am praying that the news is good and that he won't be away for too long. It is so much harder than I thought it would be and it makes me regret the way we treated one another when he was here.. I wish we could re-live time because I know that I would appreciate every little moment spent with him. It comforts me knowing all these women are feeling the same emotions I am, and it gives me hope. Thank you for this beautiful poem.

    Brenda, Georgia Submitted Nov 2010
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  • I just found out my boyfriend was going to jail. A minimum of a year and could be in there up to ten years. We're not sure yet. I have one month to spend with him before he goes. I found this out Friday, so I've been crying nonstop for three days. When I read this I smiled a little. It made me feel a tad bit better. So to whomever wrote this, thank you.

    Riley, South Carolina Submitted Nov 2010
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  • I also loved this poem it did explain a lot all the words were just there. Who ever wrote this poem did a spectacular job. I promise this is my favorite poem outta all these prison poems. I wrote this poem down and sent it to my baby father/fiancι that's in jail right now.

    Meka Submitted Nov 2010
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  • Well I feel everyone's pain my son's father has been in jail for almost 3 years now and has one more to go.. We are no longer together but he is always in my mind and I write him all the time.. I can't bring myself to be with him because I don't think he will change this poem is a great poem it fits everything to a T..

    Jessica Canton Submitted Nov 2010
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  • I am really going through it right now. My boyfriend has been in jail for 2 weeks now. I found out in the most horrible way though. My family doesn't want me to be with him at all. its was the night I wasn't at home and he called my step dad. I guess he thought I would have the phone but I didn't. when my step dad answered the phone he just left a message for him to tell me. he said "tell Lynn that I'm in jail but that I love her with everything in me."
    He didn't say who it was but I knew it was him..he didn't call in a week and I knew something happened to him. I called his close friend and she told me all she knew...we don't know how long he's going to be in there but we do know its going to be awhile. I miss him so much. we used to do this thing where we'd look up at the moon but now its just to painful to do it. I know I'll cry uncontrollably if I did it...I will always love him.

    Lynn Burgess, South Carolina Submitted Nov 2010
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  • Yesterday my boyfriend went to prison and he will stay there for 3 years and 4 months. We have been in a relationship for 7 long years, always together. The hardest thing for me was our last hug, I just couldn't let him go. I am so sad... I've never felt like this before. He is my love, my life, my world. I will wait for him no matter what. This is so sad and hard for us both... Since yesterday I can't stop crying. Thank you for the poem.

    Aleksandra Submitted Dec 2010
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  • This story touched me so much. looking on all the comments up on here I realize so many people are right there with me. I was 15 when my boyfriend got taken and put in jail.
    I miss you matt. 1-13-10

    Natalia Dietsche Submitted Dec 2010
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  • My boyfriend was arrested yesterday we have been together for three years. I'm so scared and so is he. He may get out on bail and with probation but I really don't know how likely that is. I want my baby to come home and I just can't think of anything other then him 24/7. I'm so happy I found this poem it helped so much!!!! To everyone else out there going through this I'm sorry :(

    Cynthia, Florida Submitted Dec 2010
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  • I feel so much better knowing I'm not alone. My boyfriend has been locked up since November and he hopefully will get out in January but it's not set in stone. I am also 6 months pregnant with twins and I want him to be here for his kids. Thanks for this poem it really seems to be my life at the moment.

    Shay, Virginia Submitted Jan 2011
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  • My Boyfriend and I have been dating for 9 months... he will be sentenced on 1/20/10 for 2 years... he is only 18 and I am only 16... I really want to make it work... but I am really scared... I know I am still really young but its still hard... I don't want to lose him I care about him a lot... he spent 15 days in jail back in June... Then he was bailed out...it was so hard and it keeps getting harder knowing that the days keep passing... I really wish I could just fast forward... my heart breaks every passing day... it hurts so bad...I love him... 4.28.10 is the day we started dating and it will be tattooed onto my heart forever...

    Melissa, New Hampshire Submitted Jan 2011
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  • It helps to hear these stories. Me and my man have been together for almost 2 years. I love this poem and will definitely be sharing with my boyfriend. My boyfriend was sentenced 120 days, but the first 17 days didn't even count because he was just waiting to get transferred. Tomorrow he will have been in there for a month. In about 19 days he will go to a treatment center and can hopefully have contact visits. I have only been able to visit him once and I will be able to see him again in about a week in a half. We get to talk on the phone every day right now for about 40 minutes. It helps that I am very close to his family, and my parents really like him as well. I miss him so much, and cry every day. I know this will make us stronger and we are very excited for our future. We talk about getting married a lot and I'm positive he is my soul mate. Love you baby.

    Allison, Missouri Submitted Jan 2011
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  • Well my boyfriend has been locked up for 5 months now and we are looking at 2 more years until he can finally come home.... We have been together for a year and a half! I love this poem.. words cant explain how much I miss him.. I don't think anything could... all I know is I would wait forever just to hold him in my arms again. I Love You Michael Always and Forever!

    Megan M., Tampa Fl Submitted Jan 2011
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  • My boyfriend of eight months is in jail now and we are hoping he will be home at the end of Feb. Words can't even begin to explain how much I miss him. We do have the visits which are cherished moments, but at the same time are painfully hard. So many times thought of just being in his arms again. I love you baby, I'll be here waiting as long as it takes for you to come home to me.

    Angela, Slc Utah Submitted Jan 2011
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  • My bf is in prison for about a year and I miss him everyday and when I saw this poem it spoke to me and I actually sent it to him and he loved it!!

    Miranda, Colorado Submitted Jan 2011
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  • This poem is so heart touching. My fiancι has been in jail for 5 months now and is looking at 2 or 4 yrs in prison . Our baby boy is due in April and it sucks cause he won't be there with me through this. This is an awful hurt and I'm glad I got my faith to keep me going. Love the poem

    Mandy Submitted Jan 2011
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  • I love this poem so much I'm going through the same thing so I know how she feels. It is so hard to not be able to be with the one you love and show them how much you love them and missed them. then you have the stupid C.O.'s telling you what to do and not to touch or kiss each other like that.

    Nicole, Sacramento Submitted Jan 2011
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  • Love this poem :)
    My boyfriend has been in jail for the past 4 years, and he's not due to be released until next year... And to be honest I never thought it would be this hard... I write him about 3 times a week, see him 2 a month, and talk to him everyday and is just not enough. Only God knows how I Love this man, I really can wait for him to come home.

    Enid Submitted Jan 2011
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  • Hello ladies! I love this poem as do all of you! My boyfriend has been away from me for 7 long months and is due home in 3 weeks. I'm so excited! I found this a few weeks in and have been coming back to it for comfort. Not just the poem but all of the woman who have told their stories to let us know we're not alone. Hang in there ladies. The time will eventually pass and you will have your love home with you where he belongs! We're all strong women to make it through this and your relationship will flourish because of it. God Bless. To the Author, thank you!

    Ashley, Nebraska Submitted Feb 2011
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  • I fell in love with a great man & we're getting married as soon as he gets out of jail. When I met him I knew this time was coming & we tried to prepare for it. I hurt & long for him everyday. I could never prepare for this. I totally relate to this poem. Like it so much I wrote it to him. Thank you:)

    Iowa Submitted Feb 2011
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  • this poem is perfect, I cried my eyes out reading this! my man was sent to prison 9 august 2010 and is not being released till February 2015, I miss him so much, so does our 7 year old son. I will be sending this poem to him, even though I know it will make him cry, we used to look at the moon and the stars together, this is just perfect for us, thank you, he will love it.

    Claire, England Submitted Feb 2011
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  • I feel this poem sooo soo much. My fiancι is in prison and we have 8 1/2 more years to go. Its been a long hard road and it gets harder every day. I miss him so much and I sometimes don't know what to do. I constantly "talk" to him through the moon. Soo girlish I know, and he talks to me as well. I wish you all the best of luck in all you do, we are strong supporters and one day we'll all not have to dream again and we'll be in their arms where we belong.

    Kelly, North Carolina Submitted Feb 2011
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  • Thank you for the poem it comforts me and make me feel surrounded and not alone

    Thuli Submitted Feb 2011
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  • Let me start off by saying that it feels so good to know I'm not the only one hurting. My man will be getting out in 3 days and I just can not make the time pass quick enough. You really don't know what you got till it's gone. I took everything he did for me for granite. I believe that when he gets out we will be closer then ever. He is my everything. We have been through it all these past 3 years, And I can honestly say us being apart has been the worst. Jail is an awful place. To everyone out there waiting on your man, just stay strong, and stay positive. It's about all you can do.

    Hurting, New Mexico Submitted Mar 2011
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  • My husband gets out on Monday we are so blessed they're letting him out on classes & on good behavior . I missed him SO much . & I can very much relate to this poem. but I pray that we don't have play this game No more .

    Jerryswife $anjo$e Submitted Mar 2011
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  • This has summed up just how I feel right now, Me and my partner had a relationship where we couldn't live without one another but always argued when together. He is now looking at 15 years behind bars, he's awaiting his court case and sadly the police have used me throughout leaving me feeling depressed. I miss him so much and wish I could tell him but we aren't allowed contact, once I know his location I would like to use this poem and send him it. Thank you so very much its helping me through it all

    Lisa Submitted Mar 2011
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  • My boyfriend recently got 16 months, we have a 10 month old daughter together it seems like an eternity he has been away I hope you don't mind I sent him your poem he loved it so thank you

    Nat Submitted Mar 2011
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  • My boyfriend is going in and out of jail and he trying really hard to get himself on the right track and this poem means so much . It's true he is all I think about

    Leo Submitted Mar 2011
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  • Thank you so much for this poem. My boyfriend was on the run when I met him and he was completely lost. We have dated for a year and I can truly say he is my everything. He turned himself in so that we can move on with our lives and progress. He has been gone for 2 weeks now and it has been the hardest 2 weeks of my life. I have never dealt with the court system in my life and I didn't realize how harsh it can be. I will see him in a year but I know that this will pass and that I will have the rest of my life with this amazing man. I'm trying to stay as positive as I can so this poem will help me get through most of my days. I know it will help him too while he is away. Thank you again!!!

    Kenzi K Sullivan Submitted Mar 2011
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  • My baby's been away for 3 going 4 years and it has been the hardest thing I've gone thru in my life. I speak to him more or less everyday but its still not enough. I see him every 2 weeks for 2 hours and those 2 hours are the best 2 hours ever. Word cannot describe how much I miss him. Ladies I never knew there was a lot of women going thru the same thing but as their girlfriends/Mrs. all we can do is be there for them and ride the sentences out together. Stay strong girls and baby I love u soooo much , can't wait till your home xxxx

    R.R, London Submitted Mar 2011
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  • I know also what you ladies are going through my fiancι is in jail has been for a week and he is innocent he is looking to 30 years in prison if he gets convicted. I sit up in my room alone and depressed and I stare at everything we have when I go out I see places we have been or sidewalks we have walked on and I almost cry. But I'm trying to do everything possible to get him out I'm getting an attorney and doing research and if he gets convicted I'm gonna appeal it right away.. if there is anything you can do for the one you love it is try to get him out, try everything you can think of. It shows you're not just sitting there waiting for time to pass. I have started also a petition to help get him out it will show the attorney and the judge that so many people know him and know he is innocent. But good luck and stay strong

    Tina, Minnesota Submitted Apr 2011
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  • my boyfriend has been in jail for going on 7 months, and I'm going crazy without him. He is looking at 5 to 8 years in prison with time served, he don't get sentenced until June as of what his lawyer says. We are getting married when he gets out of prison, I will wait for him if that is the last thing I do.

    Alexis, Pennsylvania Submitted Apr 2011
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  • Hi girls! First off, it really is reassuring and comforting to see that I'm not the only one going through this. My boyfriend has been away for 4 months now and has been sentenced to 15. Before now I have not come across anything on the internet that has touched me in such a way. The poem is beautiful and I'm definitely going to send him it. From reading all your own accounts and experiences it's clear we all miss our men terribly, I was just wondering of anyone has found anything that cheers their partner up at all? My boyfriend's really depressed and has recently told me he feels as though he is ''losing himself''. I'm sick with worry and miss him, but would feel a lot better if there was something I could do. I write to him 3 times a week and visit him every 2 weeks, what cheers your men up girls? Could really do with the advice. Stay strong, you're all exceptional women with big hearts. Take care!

    Lee, London Submitted May 2011
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  • This poem and comments from others hits home hard my boyfriend has been in jail for 10 months already and could be facing up to 12 more months I can't wait until he is out I miss him soo much he is my other half my everything other people really don't know how hard it is to be away from the one you love
    Good luck to everyone stay strong that's all we really can do

    Amanda, Wisconsin Submitted May 2011
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  • It's so good to see that I'm not the only one that's going through this! My boyfriend has been in prison for almost 2 years and he's just 20. I can't even put it in words how lost , lonely and heartbroken I am without him . We used to be together on a daily bases now all I have of him is the memories and pictures we've shared. This hurts the absolutes most !!!! *tears right now* moving on from him is NOT an option I'll wait for him until the day the state releases him and that's a promise, we have a future ahead of us and I'm ready !!!!

    Risha , St.Louis Submitted May 2011
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  • My boyfriend has been in jail almost 4 years already, he just received 25 to life. He was just sent to Pelican Bay on June 6. It's been the hardest thing for me. I've been with him through all of this. We have been together for a long time, and haven't been able to touch each other since August 11th, 2007. So this poem caught all my feelings in such small space I love it <3

    Araceli B Submitted Jun 2011
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  • This is so simple and so cool. My husband is in Federal Prison and sometimes I forget just how many others are feeling the same as me. Thank you..

    Patricia Herrick, Arizona Submitted Jul 2011
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  • My fiancι has been in county jail for 8 1/2 weeks and in 1 more week he will be out! I have never been with anyone that's been in jail and this has been the hardest weeks ever, I miss him so much it hurts. You ladies are so strong to wait for them for years, hope you stay strong and someday you will get your love back for good just remember:
    "Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will."

    Taylee J, Colorado Submitted Aug 2011
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  • OMG! this is by far the best poem I have read for females with a boyfriend/fiancee/husband in jail and it also helps to know that I'm not the only one going to the same thing. My boyfriend has been locked up for going on 18 months and is suppose to get out Dec 2. He was since about 300 miles away and I wasn't able to see him but now he has been transferred closer to home and so now I will get to see him for 2 hours a week. This poem says everything I have been trying to say for months now so just wanted to say thank you to the poet for writing this so I could tell him what I've been wanting to say! Stay strong out there ladies that are going thru the same thing either it will break your relationship or make it! thankfully it made ours!

    Karrie, North Carolina Submitted Aug 2011
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  • Wow is all I can say. My husband and I have been together for 5 years, and have a beautiful 3 year old daughter, who is without her father. He was arrested January 6th, 2010. He is set to be released in October, 2013. Last week marked his one year anniversary in state prison. This has been the toughest ordeal of my life. I look at my daughter and only feel sorrow, for she is growing up without her dad. She was only 16 months old when he left us..and unfortunately last week we celebrated another of her birthdays without him. I have made the decision to go on with my daily life, working full time, and being mommy and daddy to our baby. It is so sad, but I am doing it, and doing it with a smile on my face, even if it is a fake one. I love him, and believe it or not, am still planning every detail of our wedding, where we had left off before this. We will make it through, I am positive.

    Florida Submitted Aug 2011
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  • I miss my boyfriend soooo bad, he has been in jail for almost three weeks, and we are just waiting the court day to know what will happen to him..so help God!!! I feel so alone without him, I think about him all the time, his smell his touch his kisses, I sent him a letter with this poem in it and he loved it!! thank you so much, this is exactly what I'm going thru right now... =((((

    Asita Submitted Aug 2011
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  • My boyfriend was taken to jail yesterday for trying to get his warrant off but the guards took him before he saw the judge. He was trying to do good and he gets punished. Now he has a new charge and I won't see him till at least Tuesday :( I'm going to send this to him. He's the most important part of my life. I plan on marrying him. We both hope he gets out Tuesday.

    Brittany, Utah Submitted Oct 2011
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  • I am tearful and glad to read all of these stories, my husband has been locked up for 9 years and has a current release date of 2023. I can't be by him right now and haven't been able to visit in almost 6 months. He was my high school sweetheart and we have 5 amazing children together, last one born 2 weeks after incarceration. I take life day by day and would not have made it this far without the grace of God! Every day is hard especially holidays. They just creep up and squeeze your guts because I miss him so much. In all these years I have seen written and been sent beautiful poems, this one is close to the top by far!!! Thank you for putting it out here it helps express feelings of longing for him at times I can't breathe. It hasn't gotten any easier with time. Nor do I ever think it will. Again thank you, you are an angel may God bless you and keep you always!!

    Heather Vega, Magnolia TX Submitted Oct 2011
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  • Wow these are all crazy stories... my boyfriend has been in jail for two months and I miss him more than I ever thought I would. He may be in until January or it could be as long as August. The worst part is the biggest thing he is accused of he didn't even do. I talk to him for 20 minutes a few times a day and see him once a week behind glass for 20 minutes. I hate seeing him behind glass. They treat him like an animal. They don't care about anyone in there especially their families and friends. It is so hard to imagine my life completely without him. All my friends and family say I need to move on but I never will. We are getting married when he gets out and having a family. My life wouldn't be anywhere near fine if I didn't have him. I will definitely be sending him this poem, it will make him feel a little better about this awful situation we are in.

    Frederick, Md Submitted Nov 2011
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  • I am only 16 and my boyfriend went to jail not that long ago and I haven't seen him in a while and am going crazy with out him and this poem just explained my feelings.

    Danielle Submitted Nov 2011
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  • What a touchy poem! My boyfriend of 6 years has been in jail for 4 months now, and since then I've been visiting him twice in a month. We have a 1 year old son. It was hard when I first found that he'll be going to jail for 10 months but now I'm trying to be strong and yeah, I'm determined to wait for him because we were supposed to have married by now but he keeps telling me that we will when he gets back. One last thing... I found out that I was a month Pregnant after a month he went to jail, He knows and he's excited about it and so am I. That's what makes me even stronger. I wish you all the best.

    Pertunia Submitted Nov 2011
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  • Wow - I wrote this poem almost 4 years ago and cannot believe the response it is still receiving! I have now been married to the inspiration of this poem for over 3 years - and I know every circumstance is different and being with someone in jail doesn't always turn out to be "worth it" - but I do believe those of you going through this know in your hearts if the pain and waiting will be worth it. I am so grateful to have my man home and I will never forget that time apart and what it felt like - I also know because of that test of our love - I can say with confidence that I would have waited for him no matter how long it took. Remember - your visits, the phone calls, the letters, the cards, the poems - anything you can do means 1000 times more to him/her while they are in there - so if you truly feel they are worth it - keep it going & never let them doubt your love.

    Susan Christensen Osoria, Louisiana Submitted Dec 2011
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  • My boyfriend has been in prison since 2005 sentenced 20 years. He is due for parole in November 2012. we have a 7 year old daughter who has never seen her father since he was arrested when she was 1 month and 27 days old. This has been the hardest time for me as I have to stay strong for both him and my daughter while coming up with stories to tell her when she keeps asking why he does not come to see her. I cannot bring myself to tell her where he is. I visit him at least once a month and talk to him everyday. He talks to his daughter at least once a week as it hard for him since he cannot touch her and hold her. I love him and cannot wait for the day when the three of us will be reunited and we can move on with our lives. Thank you for giving me something else to hold on to and to share with him.

    Ayanda, Johannesburg Submitted Dec 2011
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  • Wow just read this poem, and I either didn't realize that I wasn't the only one out there living this life with my husband in prison, this is the second time for him. Now he's been gone for another four years and five more to go! I've raised all five of my children and four of his pretty much by myself now they are all grown up and on there own and now going through this again is hard and yes you do have to be strong, and it's hard but when I also read this poem it's just how I feel, along with every other family going through this it's hard that's for sure but I'm gonna write this poem also and thank you so much but I know it went right to the heart !

    Taylor. Minnesota Submitted Jan 2012
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  • My boyfriend has been in county jail for one month. He has not been sentenced yet and it is very stressful to imagine what may happen and how long I will have to wait. I am relieved to not be alone in this endeavor. Honestly, I have felt very alone until now because my family and even his family do not agree with my waiting for him. What I know is that nobody knows what our relationship is except he and I. No one can judge him because they do not really know him, and their opinion is unimportant. Furthermore, if your family and friends love you they will support you no matter what. My boyfriend has my support and love regardless of what he has done and how his actions will affect our lives. All I can advise is to decide if it feels right, and if it does, hang in there. The time really does fly by if you take it a day at a time. My biggest frustration is not knowing how long his sentence will be.

    Rena, NC Submitted Jan 2012
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  • Me and my best friend fell in love a while back. He is my life. We started dating about five months ago and a day or two after dating I found out he was going to jail for up to five years. The stress of knowing he was leaving made us both snap at each other and I regret it with all that I am. I wish I never fought with him like I did. But I'm glad to say the last little bit of time before he left we made the most of it. He left a week ago and the first week tore me apart. I don't know what I'm going to do without him for the next two years and seven months. I told him I will wait for him because I love him and he feels the same. I rarely get to see him. And when I do it's only for an hour every couple weeks and that time flies by way to quick. I hate it, but what I realized is the more we all stress about our loved ones that have gone away the more miserable it makes us. Be strong for you and them and keep your promise if you say you'll wait because that's what keeps them going.<3

    Heather. New Jersey Submitted Jan 2012
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  • My daughter's boyfriend and the father of her five month old baby girl has been in jail in Marion County, MS for three months waiting to be transferred to a state prison to complete a five year sentence. Since MS doesn't recognize our Constitution's Bill of Rights in its entirety, he has been sentenced as a violent habitual offender, even through Florida public records clearly show that his arrest record does not met MS's habitual offender requirement. But what it does mean is that he will have to serve the entire 5 years under the worse circumstances. The moral here is DO NOT get arrested in Mississippi. But, I found this poem while looking for one to send my son. I sent it to my daughter, who has been struggling with depression since Chad went away. It really touched her - Thank you for this precious gift.

    Kathy Peteler, Pensacola Fl Submitted Jan 2012
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  • I've just sent this poem to my boyfriend in jail, he's going to love it, its so beautiful.

    Danielle Taylor, Rhyl UK Submitted Jan 2012
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  • Loved the poem and I'm very happy to hear you are happily with your hunny (to author of poem) ladies it does suck to have a loved one incarcerated. Just be there to support and love them is best we can do. Stay strong I can relate to a lot of posts my pain is sooo much I don't even have words to express my sadness, anger and even joy sometimes.

    Holly, Lb Cali Submitted Jan 2012
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  • Thank you for posting this. No one knows or understands the true love for a loved one who is in jail the way that the partners of the incarcerated do. It's tough. My own is in there for the next 7 months (not nearly as long as the rest of you), and my heart goes out to everyone. Be strong, stay by their side. They need us just to get through the day.

    Fayefaye, Georgia Submitted Feb 2012
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  • I love the poem, its perfect. Thank you.
    My bf has been in jail for two months now hopefully he will be out after 10. After reading all the messages I do not feel so alone, I sat here in tears but actually feel like, we too can become stronger from this and it has helped us become a lot closer. Stand by your man and keep your chin up. They will come back to us eventfully love to you all

    Sarah, Bristol Uk Submitted Feb 2012
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  • Darn you Susan, I would have written this..haha
    I love it and I will share it with my Love. Acknowledging You for speaking my heart. Thank You

    Tom Ponderosa Submitted Feb 2012
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  • I Love this poem, it's great. This poem is exactly how I feel. I am 18 years old and my boyfriend is locked up and it's very hard for me to be away from him. He is doing 7 years and its only been four days since he's been locked up I'm am four months pregnant and I am due in September. He won't be home for the birth of his child. I am scared, and I feel so alone. But reading this poem made me feel that there is other people going thru the same thing. Thank you so much for writing this story it impacted A lot of people. (thank you) Susan for helping me.

    Amber,Lowe Submitted Mar 2012
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  • My Fiancι was arrested 2 Months ago! There are no words to describe how much I miss him...I found this poem and everything in it is how I feel. This is my second time having to go through this. The first time he was locked up it was for 3 years, now I'm not sure how long it is going to be. I told him I'll wait for him no matter how long he will be gone! People think I'm crazy because I'm waiting...but what a lot of people don't understand, if you love someone you will be there for them no matter what they have done! He has and will always have my heart! I love him so much and can't wait till I see him tomorrow!!!

    Sara Morgan, Lexington, Ky Submitted May 2012
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  • OMG I was just on here looking for a poem to send my b/f in jail and this one come up, this is one of the best poems I have ever read and I can't wait to send it to him. I'm not very good a writing poems myself. I really do miss him like crazy and everytime I go to a visit I just wanna bust down the glass so I can touch him, and we all know that's not gonna happen. I just love and miss him so much and this poem was so perfect just what I wanted to send to him!!!

    Whitney, Kentucky Submitted Jul 2012
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  • This poem was really good made me cry cuz its exactly how I feel and looks like I'm not the only one sharing this pain especially since my boyfriend and I were to be married a week after his arrest. I wish I could be in that special place but after all I will still be here waiting just like everyone else for his freedom and the time when we can be together again

    Araceli Submitted Jul 2012
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  • This poem sums up everything! My boyfriend has been locked up for a year and a half, and still has 5 months to go. He's trying to get early release but so far nothing.. I just want him to know that I love him more then words can explain and I'm here for him no matter what. Stay strong ladies! Our men will be home soon. Take care.

    Pacheco, Miquela Submitted Aug 2012
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  • I just wanted to say how much your poem meant to me I wrote it and sent it to my bf in jail I edited the very last part after I'm not sure when I put "there will be no need to pretend when I have you in my arms again" :)

    Amber, Ohio Submitted Sep 2012
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  • My baby had an old case that finally went to trial, and he had to go do a little time. The thing is, he told me all about it when we first started talking. Then I told him some things about me, and we both accepted each other "as is". We love each other very much. My two younger children support us in this and love him as well. My oldest daughter who is grown, also understands and is ok with us getting married. We are Christians and we thank God for each other.

    Denise, Tacoma Submitted Oct 2012
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  • Please join the support!!!!:)
    MY man is in jail too and I need the support thank you!

    Trustyourstruggle Submitted Oct 2012
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  • My boyfriend has recently been out in jail and it's been really hard on me. I've been trying to help his family to it as well. He is looking up to 2-3 yrs and I miss him so much already. I'm glad there are other people who understand what's its like. I like talking about it with people who don't criticize that people can be in love with someone who is in jail... but you can... god bless everyone who has to go thru this and just keep your heads up

    Andi, PA Submitted Nov 2012
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  • I love this it made me cry. My boyfriend of almost 3 years is in jail. We are young but our love is so strong and I'm sending him this poem.

    Madison Submitted Nov 2012
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  • Once again, absolutely loved the poem. And Congrats for getting your man back home again!! My love has been in for 2 years and serving a 20 year sentence. All we can do is take it day by day. And All you gals/guys with loved ones incarcerated, you are never alone.

    Michelle, Albany, Georgia Submitted Nov 2012
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  • My fiancι is in a Reentry program for 90 days I haven't spoke to him in almost a week. It's really hard to not know what's going especially being 5 months pregnant and not knowing if he will be there to see our baby born I really enjoyed this poem and I thank you to who wrote it.

    Kate, Michigan Submitted Dec 2012
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  • I'm so sorry, God bless you and your boyfriend. He may have done some wrong things but everyone makes mistakes and it sounds like you two love each other very much and that's what counts. I have a crush on this one boy, and last February he just disappeared from the school. I found out last week that it was because he was locked up. I was never close to him, I just liked him and I was so upset when I found out. I can't imagine what it must be like for you. God is with him though.

    Sarah, Florida Submitted 4/27/2013
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  • I came across this poem looking for support. The man I love is also in prison. He's been gone 3 months. And still has 3 yrs to go. This poem is perfect, I daydream about him all the time and I miss him so much!! Thanks to everyone who's also waiting it helps to know I'm not alone. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for waiting...

    Tonia, Ohio Submitted 7/9/2013
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  • My fiancι has been in jail for almost 10 months on the 26th. He is looking at 20 years and it shouldn't be nowhere near that amount of time. We had a baby boy a month before he went to jail and he passed away and it just really hurt him. I miss him so very much. I pray that he will be home soon with me so we can start our life together.

    Kali, Arkansas Submitted 11/18/2013
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  • My boyfriend is in prison.. This was exactly how I feel! I love him so much he has 3 months to 2 years left. Really praying he has only 3 months.

    Starr Submitted 2/4/2014
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  • Almost two years ago I fell in love with a great guy, he turned my world around after my dad passed away, made me come alive again... His past caught up with him and is doing a little time and our heart have to be a part right now and it's the worse feeling in the world to be in love and have to be a part. I write him 2-4 letters or cards a week to keep his spirits up and a smile on his face he calls to tell me he loves me as much as he can. It's been hell but its made us stronger and knowing we can do anything as long as we have each other. We he comes home we will build our relationship even more till we hear wedding bells and baby cries... Keep your chin up ladies stay strong, everything will work out great

    Tiffany, Birch Run Michigan Submitted 3/9/2014
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