Goodbye Love Poem

Jean F/20 September 1992

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© Jean

December 2009

Broken Wings

It took all my strength to stay here
In the darkness only your voice I can hear
To see your face and touch your heart
My fear keep drifting us apart

Felt like I'm falling in bottomless abyss
But you're the one who lure me in, I couldn't resist
Wordless I need to say to show
This is a part of the life I know

Every time I fell asleep
I saw you in my dream
And every time I open my eyes
I realized it's what it seems

I'm tired of spreading my broken wings
Just to caught up with you I kept on flying
You're still so far away
I can't find the words to say

Maybe we're just meant to be in different line
I think I'm giving up this time
But before I go I want you to know
Without you I'll be back to being hollow

But If you could come with me, stay with me
You'll keep me alive, you'll make me breathe


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