Goodbye Poems for Friends

The hardest part of any friendship is when it's time to say goodbye. As much as we might like things to stay the same, change is an inevitable part of life. The universe may seem huge and the rift between friends on opposite side of the world may seem a great distance. There are many tools available with which we can communicate, but even without these tools there is a secret that only real friends know, and it is this. All the mountains and valleys in the world cannot separate friends whose hearts are as one.

Goodbye Poems from Friends

Friendship Poems about Saying Goodbye

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Poem About A Friend Gone!
By Stephanie M. Wendorf
Emotions ran through my head
I found myself wishing I was dead
All because you were moving away
I knew I would never see you another day

You got in your car and waved goodbye
and ..........
Votes: 207,  Rating: 4.36
Saying Goodbye To A Friend Poem, Through The Years
You helped me laugh
you dried my tears
because of you I have no fears
Together we live
together we grow
teaching each other what we must know
You came in my life and I was ..........
Votes: 440,  Rating: 4.35 , 11 Stories
Poem For A Friend Forever
By Sandra Rosene
Though it's only been a short while I've never had a friend like you
But soon you will be leaving me
And I don't know what to do
Your love and understanding
Have brought me a new ..........
Votes: 426,  Rating: 4.35 , 17 Stories
For A Friend For A Short Time, To My Friend
By Sarah R. Leavell
I am so glad that I met you
Although our acquaintance wasn't long
You have made a big impact in my life
And it is thanks to you
Why I remain strong

Your friendship means the world ..........
Votes: 268,  Rating: 4.35 , 3 Stories
Poem About Saying Googbye, The Drifter's Melody
By Megan R. Bokowski
The time soon comes for parting,
And our time is at an end,
The rest of your life is starting,
And we have no time at all to spend.

You knew one day you'd have to go,
But thought ..........
Votes: 209,  Rating: 4.35 , 5 Stories
I Will Meet You There
By Jennifer L. Timmons
We all go through life with the love of friends and family
Even though we know they will all leave us eventually
Never knowing where the future might lead you
No worries though, there is a ..........
Votes: 157,  Rating: 4.35 , 1 Story
Forever And Always
By Elle Vick
All the bullies coming my way
Getting teased every single day.
Boy do they have nerve,
But I still wonder, is this really what I deserve?

But I was little then,
I just took it all ..........
Votes: 62,  Rating: 4.26
You Will Be Missed
By Stephannie Beaudette
Saying goodbye
Was the hardest thing to do
I never thought I would
Especially not to you.

You always listened
And knew what to say
Knew when to give a hug
When I was having ..........
Votes: 357,  Rating: 4.25 , 29 Stories
Goodbye To You My "Friend"
By Denise Sarion
We said we would be friends together until the end,
You said you would always be my best friend,
Then you stabbed me at the back,
Now we've lost everything we had.

I thought of you as ..........
Votes: 70,  Rating: 4.24
Goodbye My Dearest Friend
The hardest part of any friendship
is when it is time to say goodbye,
and even though I wished I could make you stay,
I know I got to let you spread your wings and fly.

For life is a ..........
Votes: 621,  Rating: 4.22 , 13 Stories
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