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This particular poem was about a real life situation about a relationship that I had and never made it mainly because I was stupid.

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I knew this feeling too and am just glad that we overcame it and are …

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© Dashun Wingfield

Published: Apr 2008

Faded Love

You were my angel
From heaven you fell right into my heart
But now that your gone, I'm lost with out you
Where do I start?
My heart has been broken,
My feelings shattered
I will never feel the same with any other woman,
I'm far from flattered
I'm missing you more than ever,
You gave my heart a reason to beat
Love is just a friendship on fire,
But we finally lost the heat
I'm missing you to this day,
But you probably don't feel the same
Now I'm sitting here wondering if you still remember my name


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Lauren Percell
  • Aug 2013

I knew this feeling too and am just glad that we overcame it and are together again. I never want to feel this again. I love you Austin Jenss.


  • by Agra
  • May 2013

I was very practical in my life but after seeing her I had changed completely. I stopped at once, I don't know why . When I was in front of her, I behaved like a child. Everytime I think about her. I feel it is happening by own. Now she is far away. I have told her indirectly but she has said we were friend at a time not anything else. Now I am unable to control my feeling and crying. I don't know what to do but I know that I love her .


  • by Austin Jenss, Green Baywi
  • Jan 2013

I feel really close to this poem only because its been a good month since I broke up with a good girlfriend of mine. We were good friends for more than a year and now she hates me. I really wish she would come back to loving me.


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