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Love Falling Apart Poem

there are many people like this including myself and I wanted those out there to see just how many people are alike and we can get through it all

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this poem was great :/ my family is trouble, one minute we're fine then …

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© Ashley-Marie Krug

Published: May 2008

Falling Apart

she wakes up every morning,
to screaming and crying.
the tears are burning,
because of all the scratching.
she feels as if she is not needed anymore,
and is constantly punching the door.
her body hurts because of her broken heart,
of falling in love and then falling apart.
she wants him back,
but she thinks it won't last.
only because it seems like he don't want her anymore,
and now she wants to go through the floor.
you say you love her but this is no way to prove it,
now the knife and her heart have met.
he played with her love like it was a game,
now it'll never be the same!


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Ashley, Chicago Illinois
  • Dec 2011

this poem was great :/
my family is trouble, one minute we're fine then everyone's arguing with each other and I cant take it. it hurts my heart and I'm writing a sonnet poem about my family and I can't because its hard to describe and it hurts me to even think or write about it.


  • by Beccy Rosee
  • Mar 2011

This poem is amazing :( I totally agree, see I suffer from depression I self harm and have been abused as a child) . But I picked myself up it wasn't easy though! Everyone said they'd stay by me side throughout this act but they broke that promise. I was forced to get better on my own and still to this day I am suicidal and lost without the past . The memories are what break me .


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