Anger Poem about Love

Forgiveness is not an option for this girl. The pain is so fresh you can feel it.

Forget Forgiving!

You say it doesn't matter,
It's all in the past.
You never see my pain.
It's behind a mask.
You say to forgive and forget.
I'm going to make the day you met me,
A day you'll regret.

Get out of my mind.
Get out of my sight.
Stop begging. Don't say please.
You're not the best.
You're like all the rest.

I don't want a memory,
All you did was lie and cheat.
Memories get in my way.
I wish someone could ease the pain.
It's time to let go and forget everything.
You said you loved me, I doubt it was true.
All I want to do is forget you!

Get out of my mind.
Get out of my sight.
Stop begging. Don't say please.
You're not the best.
You're like all the rest.

You want me to forgive and forget.
I want to forgive you, but I'd rather forget you…

Forget Forgiving.
Why did I love you in the first place?
Forget Forgiving.
Get out of my face.
Forget Forgiving.
It's not worth the pain.


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Published: May 2008

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  • Some people don't know what it's like to get so hurt your heart will forgive. So many times he'll just keep doing the same thing until you stand up and say "No you hurt me too much I will NEVER forgive you EVER"

    Emma Submitted May 2013
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  • Hello my name is Nichole and I can relate to this poem in so many ways. I only been with my boyfriend 6 months but what he did to me will last a life time. I love him like no other and was the first guy I was faithful to. I thought he was the one so I thought. He started beating me 3 weeks into our relationship. And every time I forgave him. He abused me 6 times and each time it got worse. He broke my nose, bruised my left and right ribs, 2 black eyes and bruised lip (and now have scars)I thought it was me until I was in treatment I learned he is the one who is sick not me. Before I went into treatment my cousin who I looked up to as a sister told me she was cheating on me with her that broke my heart cause like I said I looked up to her sister. Me and my boyfriend lived together and would come home lay in our bed like nothing ever happened. I blew it off cause he said it wasn't true so we carried on with our life. But deep down I know he was lying

    Nichole, Manitowoc Wis Submitted 3/6/2014
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