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Girlfriend Still Loves Ex Boyfriend

My girlfriend of a long time realized that she was still in love with her ex boyfriend... She was wishing that I was him and she couldn't do it anymore so she left me to be with him... I was heartbroken and I still am... a friend told me that I should continue writing to ease the pain and help me get though it so this is what I wrote

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This is so very lovely, thank you for sharing this piece.

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May 2011

The Siren

He wrote her a song, but it never got finished
They both fell in love but it was soon diminished
She sits on his bed and cries in his lap
He cries back at her, knowing they can't go back.

Hours go by and neither one can accept
That by letting go they are doing what's best
At the end of the day, comes the part which he fears
To let her go without shedding a tear

Never again will he kiss her goodbye
And just that thought makes him start to cry
Now he'll finish that song, and he'll write it today
This is the start and here's what it says

"You are my siren, you drew me in
With a voice like an angel and the softest skin
Your eyes shine like diamonds and your smile melts my heart
I know that nothing could tear us apart"

That's what he wrote and let me just say.
That he'd never do anything to throw that away
But that's not how it works, This worlds bitter and harsh
And then something happened, which drew them apart

An old boyfriend showed up and that's when he knew
That her feelings for him were not shiny and new
This person left her and crushed her heart
But she had loved him since the very start.

When our boy came along she saw a way
To end her pain and make it all go away
But by loving this person through thick and through thin
She looked at our boy and wished it was him

Now this is where the second verse starts
it's about how she seemed to break his heart
He found out her feelings, it went straight to his head
so he carried on writing and here's what he said

You make me smile when no one else can
It just makes me happy to be your man
But it hurts me deeply that you long for his heart
I Thought we would last but this breaks us apart.

He sat in his room and just wished he
Could be just like her ex so that they could be
But as long as he was there they could never be true
So he'd sit in his room feeling sad and blue

Now comes the part where she's crying in his lap
They both just decided to never go back
The pain is immense but it's saving his heart
Because staying with her would rip him apart

Here's where he decides to finish the song
The story of how it all went wrong
He starts the last verse with tears dripping off his nose
The papers all wet but here's how it goes.

You were my siren you drew me in
you taught me to love and you taught me to sin
I never thought you could break my heart
But I guess we were wrong right from the start

You were my siren now I'm dead at sea
you drew me in but you didn't want me
I just wish I knew where it all went wrong
But now another lost sailor can hear your song


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  • by Samantha, Chico Ca
  • 6 months ago

This is so very lovely, thank you for sharing this piece.


  • by Callum J Wood
  • 2 years ago

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. My life has gotten so much better since I left this girl and I have been with my current partner for 2 years now. I want to say to anyone who is in this situation that everything gets better and no matter what happens, keep your chin up. If a girlfriend or boyfriend still loves their ex. Then most of the time it won't work with you guys and best to just move on and both get on with your lives.

The girl in this story got with her ex once I left and has been with him ever since. I am happy for her and I see that we just weren't right.

If anyone needs to talk to someone neutral about this sort of situation then feel free to message me on Facebook and have a chat :)


  • by Anon
  • 2 years ago

It happens a lot surprisingly. What you gotta do is realize that you didn't do anything wrong.
She's the one who strung you along, so it's her fault. She isn't upset about it right now and you shouldn't be either.
But if she comes up to you in the future and says she's made a mistake and wants you back, tell her that she's missed her chance and you're waiting for someone who is going to treat you with some respect.
Karma comes back to people and it will come back to her.
Just focus on a career, try getting some of your poems published, go out and meet new people. I'm sure there's tons of girls who would love to listen to your poetry that think it's romantic.
Just move on is all you can do.
I had 3 relationships that ended badly and I've taken my own advice and I met someone who I'm getting married to now.
Good luck and remember there's more than 1 girl for everyone :)


  • by Lucas L
  • 3 years ago

Omg, I may be a guy but I'm sensitive... This poem pretty much happened to me and I want to cry again. I had a girlfriend for a while and I really liked her. It felt like love, no word of a lie. Well this weekend she has a hockey tournament all weekend and I had no way to get there. We are both 16... Anyways she texted me saying she thinks we need to be friends and nothing more. Well it turns out her ex boyfriend who broke her heart before showed up at her tournament and wanted to get back together. She said that she always loved him so she was thinking about it. I ended it because she was thinking of breaking up with me for the guy who hurt her so much before.... I've been upset all day....


  • by John , Wichita Kansas
  • 3 years ago

This ... is ... AMAZING . I love your poem bro , it's so freaking deep and amazing . My girlfriend of 3 years dumped me for her ex and they got married ... so .. this explains exactly how I feel . Nice job bro , keep it up .


  • by Callum J Wood
  • 3 years ago

This is my longest poem I've wrote and it took me a while but I really put my heart into it... I'm happy with another girl now, but this has always been my favourite poem :) let me know what you think :)


  • by Ashley
  • 3 years ago

This is amazing! I love this poem! its like everything put to words I can't say about break ups!


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