Heartbreak Poem

I wrote this after my husband of 10 years decided that he did not want to be a "Husband". We have A terrific 7 year old son that has been handed something that I, at 38 do not yet know how to handle. I do my very best, for my very best (my son).

Do You Know....

© Michelle Boyd
Do you know a life of loneliness and one filled with pain
living a life with nothing to gain. Surrounded by darkness
Overwhelmed with shame. A life without peace with no one to blame.

Do you know of a place unseen, a place that holds only shattered dreams, A place filled with sorrow with no end in sight, I am given this gift each and every night.

Do you know of a place so cold, this is the place I call my soul. A place without hope or comforting dreams, a life not worth living wouldn't it seem

Do you know of a life, that should have never been, and the feeling that today, this life has to end. One more day of sadness is much too hard to bare, I am tired of living a life of heart ache and despair.

Do you know a person with so much pain inside, or the feeling of loneliness when no one hears your cries, maybe when the tears are gone, and I can clearly see, the only question left will be..

(I wrote this after my 10 yr. Marriage fell apart)


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Published: Dec 2009

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  • This poem sounds like how I have felt for so long. I didn't grow up in the happiest of homes. I always felt like I was on the outside looking in. Than I married a guy way to much like my family and that fell apart. Sometimes I think it was for the best, because we have kids, but I've been alone for 5 yrs now, other than my kids and a few g/f and it's eating up my soul. I'm at the point I would put up with anything just to not feel so alone.

    Kim, New York Submitted Nov 2010

  • This poem sounds like I feel as well. My mother was never married to my father. He was a cheater had anther family on the side. But I was with a man just like my father cheater. 5 years together it ended a year ago. Still love and miss him. Just feel so alone like I'm never gonna meet the one.

    Angel, CT Submitted Oct 2011

  • This poem expresses my heartache. My husband dumped me after 6 years of courtship and 27 years of marriage. In total 33 years of our life together for his girlfriend of 2 years. During family discussions, he told everyone in our family that he will still look after me after the divorce but the moment we filed the papers, he has been treating me like I have leprosy. I even surrendered my insurance policies to bail him out of his credit card woes for which he spent on his girlfriend. I'm totally shattered.

    Singapore Submitted May 2012

  • This poem has just reminded me that am still living with a broken heart, my boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me because of a very complicated situation. Do you know how it feels to love someone with devotion that lies in the depth of your heart and yet they chase you away?? ;(.

    Chumisa, South Africa Submitted Aug 2012

  • What did you do? How did you get yourself to be happy again?
    I'm where you were then...now.

    Garden Grove,California Submitted Sep 2012

  • I was once a victim of LOVE!! Since then I never felt a happy relationship since I've started as early as 16. in every endings I always became a LOSER! I felt so much love yet nothing goes back! But as time goes by I only have two way to live in LOVE - - to love and move on. . .this is exactly what I'm doing. I let my pain go on for years!!

    When I thought I was on my mature age I engaged myself in a serious relationship in which I felt so much happiness and full of love! But then as it goes, our fairy tale love story became a worst dream! I was alternated with an unknown girl he knew for less than a month! I was tampered by loneliness, darkness and grief!

    Djpyang Submitted Jan 2013

  • God made for Adam a beautiful garden!! And Adam had not a single thought of a woman... Until God Almighty said to Adam, Its not good for man to be alone!! and created Eve. God created the ideal companion for Adam, God knew what he needed.
    Moral of this story.....If you are serious about a life partner? Get on your knees and tell God how lonely you are and that you want a companion.

    Jl,Australia Submitted Feb 2013

  • I am so lonely, the crazy thing is I have a husband but he spend no time with me. I asked him to take vacation with me and he said no. What to do. We've been married 17 years dying for affection, a smile, a touch. I give it all to him but he does not see. When I ask for time together he says I am selfish. I do everything alone. I am tired, unloved hurt. God help me don't know how much I can take.

    Maggie Submitted 6/28/2013

  • I gave her my heart and all my love. I sold everything I owned I raised her son. I was faithful and kind hard working and loyal home every night I was her best friend she was my everything I gave her eight years with no fights and a good life she gave me a broken heart and I can't live without my heart. She took my son so here I stand alone empty and hurt my hearts, broken dreams are shatters. I lost my family for a guy she only knew for two weeks my sad poem. True story.

    Vancouver WA Submitted 3/15/2014

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