Love Poem about Marriage

This sort of describes my life. I met a boy 2 years older than me when I was 3. We became best friends straight away. Sure we had our disagreements and ups 'n' downs but over all we made quite a good couple. Then when I was 17 and her was almost 20 he proposed to me at his sisters wedding anniversary. I said yes and we got married. Neither of us ever gave anyone else out hearts.

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Published on August 2011

Giving My Heart

First time we met,
We smiled laughed and played,
By the big Oak Tree in the back,
A kindergarten friendship we made.

It lasted for years,
Through all of the school life,
Laughs and smiles,
Fights and tears.

And now we know,
We are never apart,
If I did anything right,
In life...

It was giving YOU my heart.


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