Goodbye Love Poem

this poem is dedicated to the person who hurts me.. to the person that I still love until now.. even though its hard to understand him..its still him that I'm longing.. its just like I'm loving without anything in return..but he left me still. I can't deny the fact that I love him. I want him to stay..but his dreams..are too high..and I'm not one of his dreams..but I'm still hoping..someday God will make a way.. even he hurts me....I love him still........

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© Liezl D. De Los Santos

February 2009

I Love You....You Need To Go

..I been longing to hold you...
.........I been longing to touch you..
.............I been longing to kiss you..
........and to feel your body next to mine..
but I know..its just a dream.. because you a hundred steps .........away from me..

I don't know where it starts...
I don't know why I fell that fast..
I don't know the reason behind this smile..
all I know is you... just one but you..

I been holding on your promises..
so many nights I tried to recall..
those words that I want to hold.. until now..
until are still in this heart of mine..

I love you...everyone can tell. I do..
but I need to accept the reality..that you need to go..
you need to achieve your dream..and that dream is not me..
you said your family needs you more than I do..

I need to stand. I need to go..but my knees are too weak..
I need to accept. I need to step...but everytime I step.. it takes a hundred steps back to you..
I am foolish enough to try..can you please be mine?

I know.. I am pleading. I know I am begging..
but do you understand how I really feel.
my heart is heart is bleeding...
please don't go..please stay..

days passed... I know.. my heart is aching..
but I know I am very much willing..
whether its parting or forgetting..
I will let you win...


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