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I loved Trisha with all my heart, and I still do to this day. I had to let her go find herself, and I wished her luck, but my heart was broken. I wrote this poem and gave it to her so she would always know, that I love her no matter what, and always will.

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This is exactly what's going on with me and my ex. We had to break up …

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© Ronnie Marks

Published: Apr 2009

Never Wanted To Say Goodbye

I think of her and our time together,
And the tears come to my eye.
I never wanted to see her go,
Never wanted to say goodbye.

Our time was so special to me,
But I guess it's time to move along.
She wants to spread her wings and fly,
To hold her back, I guess that's wrong.

I always said you only live once
And you have to do what it takes
To make yourself content and happy,
Even if it means some hearts will break.

So I let her go, and said goodbye,
And she was on her way.
If I ever really was in her heart,
She'll come back someday.


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  • by Michelle
  • Nov 2010

This is exactly what's going on with me and my ex. We had to break up since he wanted to get his life together. It sucks that I can't be with him but I'm hoping one day we'll be together again like we both planned.


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