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Why Do I Attract Losers

I am 56 this week. And single. Now I know why. I seem to attract "losers", as do so many of us. Why I put up with the lies for ten long years is beyond my comprehension. I am so ashamed of myself. It is acceptable to be lonely because one is alone in life. It is not acceptable to be lonely because the most important person in your life says words that never match his/her deeds. My goal now is to regain my self-respect and never again lose it to a person who is only an empty shell.

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Thank you Catherine for sharing your heart to help those who are with the …

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© Catherine White

Published: Mar 2009


Ten long years
Three additional months
Being told I'm "loved"
By someone who can't even remember my birthday.

How do I
Who was abandoned as a child
Attract lovers who abandon me
As an adult?

Those without soul
Broken shells
God's saddest excuse
For wasting earth's oxygen

Who even lie to themselves.

I learned too late
That this one's last lover
Killed herself
When she was abandoned.

I almost did
Until I looked into the eyes
Of my adoring dog

He opened my eyes
To the knowledge
That a non-person
Is not worth my life,
My tears,
And now,
Not even worth my anger.


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  • by Grieving Wife
  • Jan 2011

Thank you Catherine for sharing your heart to help those who are with the men that you describe. I feel less lonely tonight because of you.


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