Forgiveness Poem about Love

Is Our Marriage Worth Saving Poem

Can you push a woman to cheat? Is love a strong enough force to forgive? A husbands release of emotions after infidelity.

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I searched for this page to find something to ease the pain in my heart. …

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© Jesse

Published: Jan 2012


How could it be that we let our love fall
There were times in our life that we had it all
As the weather got colder my attention did shift
but I could never be ready for this.
Yes my attitude changed. Then you cut me so deep
Is it possible to push a woman to cheat?
So I pray not for gold nor for worldly riches
I pray for strength, wisdom and forgiveness
Did I not tell you enough how beautiful you are
Do I deserve the bleeding of this never healing scar
Would it be different that night if I said please don't go?
That me and the kids love you, that you're food for my soul.
But I didn't swore and hollered with names
Not knowing our love would never be the same
Then you told me what happened and I started to cry
And I felt like half of my spiritual body had died
As much as you're sorry, should I take some of the blame?
Should I forgive and forget? Would you do the same?
Is our marriage worth saving? Have I anymore to give this?
I ask the Lord for strength, wisdom and forgiveness


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  • by Mcebo, Swaziland
  • 3/7/2014

I searched for this page to find something to ease the pain in my heart. He cheats and in our country both culture and our socialization condone this. I'm broken…


  • by Gamat / South Africa
  • 8/7/2013

I know how it feels to love someone so deeply and then be betrayed by their cheating. To forgive is easy, but to forget is not. To this day I still think about what she did. I'm married now, but she is still doing those things. I feel bad for my 4 year old son who has to see her doing it.


  • by Ana, London
  • Jul 2013

You must not forgive an infidelity if your spouse does not repent. If your spouse repents then you forgive but after that you can not trust and do not be naive, you must surveillance your spouse constantly under mutual consent, because that care is essential, and you both need counseling for each individually and for your marriage. God help you!


  • by Lj, Australia
  • Feb 2013

I have been where you are and my husband cheated on me a lot of times and I forgave him everytime, because it is what Christian married couples should do, but to the person who cheated... They seriously need to seek God for deep repentant heart. As I prayed for my husband and deep repentance for him, He left. and divorced me 5 years later and is a miserable man to this day.


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