I'm Sorry Poem about Love

Fighting, it's not worth it. Nothing is worth losing the person you love. For me, I had to learn the hard way and hopefully someday she will read this.

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© Cory

January 2009


My life was complete
But now it's not
I lost it all, because I fought.
She made me alive
Now I am dead
I'm laying here
Crying in my bed
Life is worthless
Why should I try
All I want to do
Is lay here and die
It had only been two days
but that is all I need
To get a last chance
Before she leaves
One last chance
To turn it around
Hoping she won't turn me down
All I want to do
is hold her tight
And make her dreams
Come true tonight
That once and for all
I can make her happy
Instead of screaming, yelling
making life crappy
I'm sorry for what I have done
This is coming from my heart
I'm just asking
For a brand new start
For you are my life
Without you I am nothing
So give it one last chance
And I will make it into something
I love you too much
I can't let you go
So look into my eyes
And say I love you so.

-Cory Fischer


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