Anger Poem about Love

Loving A Man That Is A Monster

Loving a man that is a monster, abuse hurts!

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I understand what your going through, but why is it so hard for us to …

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Published: Mar 2009

Need To Know..... Did You Love Me?

Did you love me?
You would gently caress your hand across my face
Not punch me over and over again begging for you to stop
Did you love me?
You would run your hands lovingly thru my hair
Not grab it with your fist and pull it and throw me done
Did you love me?
To wipe the tears from my eyes and tell me I'm here for you
Not to tell me to shut up cry baby and kick me
Did you love me?
You would look into my eyes and tell me how special I am to you
Not say harsh words and spit into my face
Did you love me?
I loved you
But not the monster I saw last night, you were someone else
Did you love me?


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  • by Missunderstood
  • May 2012

I understand what your going through, but why is it so hard for us to break through? Is it because we know he's strong, or is he weak, and without me he won't go on? I'm tired of the tears I shed, tired of fears when I go to bed, tired of voices in my head, telling me to leave but instead, I stay, but why do I stay? Why do I lay with the man who takes my breath away, literately I can't count the times, you beat my head till I lost my mind, but I've lost my mind it's not there you don't believe me because you don't care but that's ok because I do but it doesn't matter because I'm still the fool


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