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I'm a simple girl whose always dreaming of a man that I really wanted, then it did came true we met and became lovers..

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Man In My Dreams

© Christine Madas

Published on February 2009

Every time I go to bed and lay
I just never forget to kneel down and pray
thanking thee for how good he had been
and for all the blessings we had seen

then I had slept and had a dream
about a man I've never seen
he's smiling while holding my hand
and yes we're living in a far away land

after that night I was confused
of how my dream for me is used
is he real, maybe not
I just don't know what he's got

then the day came I was shocked
I saw the man I had dreamt and I laughed
I thought I was dreaming but I guess not
'cause when I looked at him he smiled a lot

he came near and they all mocked
when he asked my name and held my hand
a strange feeling passed through my veins
and I know he'll never leave me in vain

yes I know it's hard to believe
of how my dream came true it did
whatever it may be I know in my heart
that he's the man I'm dreaming about.



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