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I just wrote this poem a while ago; my boyfriend and I broke up and he chose another girl over me despite the fact that we're having a baby; he literally pushed me away, and I'll always remember his last words, "please, just please let me go. I don't love you anymore!" it hurts so much, I just wish I'll be able to forget him and go on with my life.....

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Ditto! I read your heartfelt poem and it said everything I feel right now. …

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Published: Nov 2009

Moving On

I treasured you in my heart,
I wished we'd never be apart,
Coz you're the best thing I've ever had,
I never thought I could be this sad.

You told me you're better off alone,
Somehow I believed you and I tried to be strong.
Deep inside me I know something is wrong,
But because I loved you I continued to hold on.

And then one day I woke up with tears in my eyes,
I told myself "that's enough" and so I realized,
That I've given everything I've ever had,
But despite all of these, you chose to break my heart.

It's true I've never been perfect,
But I thought you told me that every one has it's own defects,
I know I hurt you, I know I made you cry,
But I've always been true to you, my love was never a lie.

So go on, live your life the way it should be,
I'm finally letting go, so now you're free,
I'm moving on, but I will always remember,
The friend I had in you that I hope I'll have forever.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Robyn, Australia
  • 7/23/2014

Ditto! I read your heartfelt poem and it said everything I feel right now. It's been two years since he left. 5 months after he left I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I struggled through chemo but now treatment is over I'm still grieving for him and what we had. Thank you for your poem.


  • by Genesis, Midland Tx
  • 5/17/2014

I love your poem. Same thing happened to me and it's hard. You have a gift. A beautiful gift.


  • by Sarah Lee, Australia
  • 4/21/2014

I also had the same experience with my boyfriend and after reading this poem I couldn't stop crying. This is the most touching poem I have ever read. Good luck with your poetry as I'm sure you will have your own book of poems out soon. Please let me know if you do so I can buy it !


  • by Vanness Hiew, Hong Kong
  • Nov 2012

I had the same experience with my boyfriend and after I read this poem, my eyes are flooded with tears and it brought back thousand memories of me and him. I too, just wish to forget him like nothing ever happen but I just can't. This poem describe my story best and it is a very touching and full of emotions. Keep up the good work and good luck in life.


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