Goodbye Love Poem

Poem About Letting Go Of Him

A long time ago, I fell in love with an amazing man. He was everything to me, and I planned on spending the rest of our days growing old together. Mistakes were made, and things were done that can never be repaired. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him....He is my addiction.

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© Shelly

Published: Oct 2012

My Addiction

This addiction, my worst enemy
Has gone from days, months, to years
It's taken over my life, haunted me
It's become my biggest fear.

The consumption is overwhelming
Without it what would I be?
But with it, it leaves me emptiness
and many left years of misery.

Many times I've tried knowing,
That I have to let it go
But I continue to torture myself
and spend my life alone.

Why is it that we hang onto
The one who doesn't care,
I have to try and change it
I have my own life to spare.

So with this voice inside me
And all the strength I have left within
I'll push myself to move forward
My new life is waiting, ready to begin.


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