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I wrote this for someone that means the world to me. I just want to let her know that she isn't alone in her struggles of life and I am her to show her what true friends are for. I know it's not the best but it comes from my heart...

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Wow, this poem touch me through to the bottom of my heart & soul. I cried and cried! The pain, …

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Published: Oct 2009

My Prayer

Dear God

I know I don't see things the way most people do.
I know I'm not perfect and not even sure if you're true.
I come to you for help I have no where else to go.
I pray for help for a friend that I love so.
I wish I could have her pain, sickness, and strain.
I wish her to be happy, healthy, and without pain
I would for her give my life to make all this go away
I pray for her and I love her in every way.
If you can find the time to hear my prayer
please take her pains and any illness
she may have and give it to me for if
I can take these burdens from her it will
help show just how much I do care.
One Lost Soul

Thank you and Amen


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  • by Jeannette, Calif.
  • Jul 2011

Wow, this poem touch me through to the bottom of my heart & soul. I cried and cried! The pain, suffering, lose of self, and sadness I saw in my mom & brother and I see in a close friend makes me feel helpless. The only thing I can do is pray...pray their pain will be taken away, end...... Until then I can make sure they know I love them sooo mush and hold on.


  • by Tabitha, Georgia
  • Apr 2010

This poem made me cry. Cry in a happy way and sad.
My Grandmother just passed away from lung cancer. The pain, the suffering, the loss of independence she felt, and the sorrow and sadness in her eyes was and is still such a horrific thing. I would have and if given the chance, I still would take all of those feelings of fear, all those feelings of pain, and all the disease in her body right away. I would take it all myself.


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