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I wrote this poem for the love of my life. She has come in and out of my life for over twenty years now. I always knew that I loved her but did not realize until recently that she was the only woman that I have ever truly loved.

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It's 40 years since I last met my first love face to face. We were just friends then as she was 7 years younger than me. We sang together in a choir and had a really good time. I feared...

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The Love Of My Life

© Dave

Published on September 2008

To the love of my life
though fate never allowed me to make you my wife.
When we met so many years ago
it was love at first sight that I know.
I loved you so much and for only you I cared
but with you those feelings I never shared.
Then I learned for another you cared.
To come between you I never dared.
Not because I did not want to
but because I wanted happiness for you.
Then to the arms of another I did go
but with her, love I never did know.
For this I now know that I was wrong
for all these years your love I've longed.
Of you I have thought throughout the years.
For you I have shed so many tears.
So long ago I solemnly vowed
to tell of my love if fate allowed.
Our paths crossed again not so long ago.
I remembered the vow of my love you should know.
Before I could tell you, you gave a surprise.
You told me you loved me and brought tears to my eyes.
You told of your love and how much you cared
how you felt sad that this you had not shared.
You said that you felt you had told me too late
and for this you said you I must hate.
But it is you I love and never could hate
To know of your love is never too late.
You told me of things you wanted to do
all of this and more I have wanted too.
All this time I have dreamed of your touch
To know you wanted the same means so much.
We have shared so much from the present and past.
I have prayed so much that this would last.
You have told me that what we want is wrong
How can this be when we have loved so long?
Something happened and we fell apart
Crushing my dreams and breaking my heart.
To love you was a gift from above.
The gift of time, the gift of love.
My heart won't allow me to let you go,
it wants and misses you so.
I tried to leave to mend the pain,
but is about to drive me insane.
Saddened and hurting my heart goes on
knowing again that you are gone.
Because in your hands is where my heart lies
Alone and depressed it sadly cries.
Please know that this is how I truly feel
because twice in my life you have made it all real.
I know you had feelings that you just would not show.
I know that it hurts when you want to let go.
My actions say yes but heart still says no.
I will never get to feel your most intimate touch.
God knows though I love and miss you so much.
I love you with my heart and soul.
You made me feel loved, you made me feel whole.
I have always known that you are the one for me.
I still believe though you say it can't be.
There is one thing that I have to say
I love you too much to just walk away.
We said goodbye but I want you to know.
Goodbye is goodbye but not forever though.


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  • by Andrew, Yorkshire
  • 6 months ago

It's 40 years since I last met my first love face to face. We were just friends then as she was 7 years younger than me. We sang together in a choir and had a really good time. I feared her parents would object to my asking her out and although she sent me cards signed "love", I was persuaded by others that I should move on and find someone nearer my own age. I did this and found another girl who I later married, but to stop the stress and hurt of being with my first love in the choir, but unable to tell her how much I loved her, I left and moved on. Recently, I made contact with her again by Email. She is now happily married, but her early life was traumatic. She says she has good memories of our time together years ago but I feel guilty that I did not stay with her then, and be there for her when the problems came her way. Maybe it wouldn't have worked anyway but it would not have been from a lack of love on my part. She is and always will be the first true love of my life.


  • by Daniel, Texas
  • 1 year ago

This poem is really something special. You wish you can press pause in the moment, that is so elating with that one person you feel so at ease and in love with. Except for some reason time seems to move faster, with everything but her, passing through time.I can look at this girl all day and not think about anything else. Life even feels unfair when you can do nothing but miss her, and seconds begin to feel like minutes. And just like this poem that special person I love; will always hold a place in my heart. I have not had to truly say goodbye, but if that moment comes, I will remember "The love of my Life", and it will definitely not be forever.


  • by Sally
  • 1 year ago

I met this boy when I was 21 and he was 20. I fell in love with him from the beginning. We were like best friends, the chemistry between us was so colorful that anyone could see it. You couldn't deny it. But as life would have it the love I had for him was never enough to hold us. We lost touch and had separate lives. I'd always talk about how much I missed him and wondered if he thought of me too. 10 years passed and we ran into each other again. The moment was magical and again the chemistry so colorful everyone could see it... You couldn't deny it. Again we are like best friends. I love him and he says he loves me but we somehow cannot make the connection... Why can't we be together is what I wonder??? Will I just forever be in love with this man and "Us" always just a fantasy. Why am I so crazy about him? Why can't I let go? How do I let go of the love of my life?


  • by Ntitsane, Maseru
  • 1 year ago

Yesterday I said goodbye to her. It is funny how we allow ourselves to be mastered by our own thoughts to create a virtual world where only the two of you exist, only to see that life you have built come crashing down, and the hard part being that you can't do anything about it. I loved that woman to the sun and back, and I still do. She wanted to go, I let her but I didn't want to. I am tearing up inside to realize that it was all a big illusion. The sad part is trying to find a life without her, she had become a central part of my present and my future, I saw myself and I saw her. But all that is gone, and the pain demands to be felt.


  • by Forever Broken
  • 1 year ago

When I started to read the poem it was so much my story I thought it was.
I met and fell in love with a girl many years ago, she broke-up with me at her parent's request; I never fell out of love with her, but none-the-less I married another and had children, but the marriage didn't have the strength to last. I re-met the lost love many years later (46) and I knew she was the only girl I ever really loved, but again she jilted me. Although I wish I could, I cannot love another; seven years later I still cry for my lost love.


  • by Chance, Texas
  • 1 year ago

With only the smallest modification this poem could have been written about me. although I do not wish my life had been any different I was allowed to raise my children.


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