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My name is Jose Pazsoldan. I'm a independent musician and I've been playing for over 10 years. The poems I will be submitting are poems from my heart, like this one, "Why It Hurts." It's about my first love.

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I forgave You, I forgave you the day I was angry. In my heart I had no choice. Leaving you was hard and if it would had been a second time it would had been impossible for me. So you were...

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© Jose Pazsoldan

Published on October 2011

Why It Hurts

I don't understand why there's pressure inside,
but the pain that comes from it brings a tear to my eye,
I haven't talked or seen you in a long time,
so why do I still feel pain inside,
is it a heart attack or is my heart trying to put itself back,
from the years of miss-use broken in pieces, quarters, and halves,
when I finally have the courage to look at your page,
I see you've grown, but I have aged,
you're so beautiful, you look like an angel to me,
but by now I know you've forgotten all about me,
I don't blame you, I would to,
after all the nasty things I said to you,
but you have to understand I don't have the time to play the kid,
I have a lot of work and time put in,
but for some reason all my songs are about you,
at this point I feel lost without you,
you were my happiest inspiration to sing about and write,
but now you're the reason why I can't sleep at night,
but I know I must learn to forget,
practice ignorance pretend to not exist,
but as my last message,
thoughts about you,
I want you to know how much I think about you,
if fate wanted us to be together then together we shall be,
but for now I will forget about you and me,
before I push the reset button for my heart,
there still a chance for a start,
just tell me you miss me and I'll back away,
then in my heart you will stay.


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  • by Ankeet Beriwal
  • 2 years ago

I forgave You, I forgave you the day I was angry. In my heart I had no choice. Leaving you was hard and if it would had been a second time it would had been impossible for me. So you were right at creating emptiness. I loved you too much to let you go away but your happiness was my priority. Yes! I grieve over it now as even now we would had been a great pair. Every morning when I wake up I thank god for bringing you in my life but as the moon is up the sky I curse him for taking you away too. Ironically I am still standing where you had left me. I tried but as you know I have always been a failure. Sometimes I wonder if we had been in touch I had 1% chances of moving on but you took that away when you opted to get no-strings-attached. You did it as you had friends who took over my position and like always I had none. Sometimes my grief is overwhelming and even though I know we won't cross roads, there is a part in my heart that keeps the hopes alive. It's not easy for me to do so as removing your imprints from my heart is impossible as I don't let fond things go away. This is not a good bye letter as we will meet again.!


  • by Jamie Panariello, Florida
  • 4 years ago

I think of life as a path that winds, it my not be set in stone be there are ways to it. There is not a short cut we all spend of time. But there may be crack and bumps that may some times even push us back, but that is were I stand and say that's life... My first original piece, I am 12 years of age, and life has come very easy.


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