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Best Friends Forever Poems

Forever is a very long time. How is it that people can talk so casually about a concept that we cannot even wrap our minds around? Sometimes we have a friend and we sense that our souls are very closely connected. We know that the connection is above time and space. We know that wherever we are in our lives we will always remain friends. Even if we do not see each other for years we are able to pick up right where we left off. This is what people mean when they say friends forever.

Poems about Friends Forever

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  • by Janilyn B. Rentillo
  • Published: 3/12/2009
Poem For My Friends On High School Graduation Day

True friends are hard to find,
but there you are you came into my life.
You came to me in a perfect time,
I'm so happy you're a friend of mine.

We've been together for so long,
in …

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Thank you once again for liking my poem.

  • by Trenda N. Sparks
  • Published: 10/14/2007
Being A Friend

We have something that holds us together
Something that made us both better
Something called being a friend
It makes the fun never end
And it helps me to know that when
I am down …

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It reminded of the fact that when me and my best friend used to fight our friendship never came to an end. This poem reminds me that it was only friendship which held us both together. All the …

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  • by Kris Rights
  • Published: 6/27/2007
The Whispering Winds

Like the wind whispering through the trees
Your spirit lifts me
Teaching me valuable lessons.
I wait patiently to grow in the light of your eyes
Seeking approval, knowing
There's …

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hi, my name is Cynthia. I fell in love with this poem the first time I read it. you see, I have a true friend that I've been through ups and downs with. At school my English teacher assigned a poem …

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  • by Louise
  • Published: 3/19/2010
Promise To Stay In Touch

I couldn't find the right words
Nothing seemed to rhyme
To write something for you all
I think it will take time

Because when you have friends
That are very hard to find
There's …

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I have a best friend her name is Alicia she is the best friend I have ever had she is always there for me and she is the only friend that has never left my side! l love her so much!!!

  • by Gianna Nicole
  • Published: 11/23/2010
Take My Hand And Never Let Go

You took my hand and showed me the way,
when I was blinded by unfortunate fate.
You took my hand and prayed with me,
while my troubles quickly faded away.
You took my hand and dried my …

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That was the best poem I have ever heard it is so sad and touching I almost cried. Thank you so much I needed that for an assignment. :)

  • by Tinynisha A. Bush
  • Published: 10/14/2007
Poem For A Best Friend

Through tears and fights,
Through smiles, I knew everything
Would be alright,
Through love and hate,
Through betrayal and debate,
For you I would always have faith,
Being your …

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I think like this is so true I love my friend Mhari I used to have 2 more but then don't know what happened between us. Anyway great poem really touched my heart and I don't think me or Mhari would …

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  • by Desiree N. Singleton
  • Published: 6/27/2007
Boyfriend, Best Friends Forever

Remember me
When the days are long
You must stay strong
Remember me
Remember the times
Remember the rhymes
Friends, they stay together
But, changes like the weather
Remember …

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It's a really nice poem and its reminds me of my best friend who is in another country. Thank you for the beautiful poem.


You Turn My World Around

I see you, alone at your desk.
I think, she might be the best!
As I walk over, you look at me.
I smile goofy, you giggle at me.
I say aloha, and you say hello,
The bell rings, I don't …

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I read this and I loved how it's so true. When your friend leaves and it breaks your heart but you remember the good times and you do your best always as if your friend is standing right next to you. …

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  • by Rachelle Cox
  • Published: 10/14/2007
A Poem About Best Friends Forever

I'll stand by your side
Help fight all your fights
And never leave you alone
And when you cry
I'll get a cup and let you fill it up
And dump it in the ocean
And we can sit and watch …

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My best friend is 13 years old and a awesome companion she was always there for me before I moved schools and if she ever reads this I hope she remembers me love forever, Summer

  • by Leon E. Jenkins
  • Published: 10/14/2007
Poem About The Journey

For so long I held my heart so securely in place
Away from the world, in this cold, dark, lonely space

Then you came into my life, and I didn't know what to do
What my heart had so …

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WOW!!!!! that is how me and my best friend David are we dated for 2 months, it didn't work but now we are best friends that's awesome I love that

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