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It has been said that life is the most patient teacher. You will be presented with the same experience over and over until you learn the best way to deal with the situation.. This is not because life is cruel. Rather, it is because things have a way of coming back to haunt us when we don't deal with them. One form of intelligence is the ability to learn from mistakes. When you are presented with a painful experience, take the time to think about how you can avoid it in the future. This is an example of a lesson learned.

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Teased At School Poem, What Makes You Better Than Me?
Who are you to think of me the way you do?
who gave you the right to rant about me?
Tell me who deemed you the man or the judge?
Why do you hold in so much jealousy?
Who are you to stare ..........
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What are the lessons that we so deeply need to learn? Are they lessons of making things better and bright? Are they lessons of change making things right?

Are they lessons that teach us today? ..........
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By Brooke Hoffer
How do you go on knowing that you failed
and all your friends suddenly disappeared and bailed
Can you see the shame on everyone's face
and your parents look at you like your the biggest ..........
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Poem About Letting Go Of The Past, Changing The Past
By Donna
The past is the past for a reason
That is where it is supposed to stay
But some cannot let it go
In their heads it eats away

Until all their focus becomes
The person that they used ..........
Votes: 234,  Rating: 4.32 , 10 Stories
Disabled One
Chrissy grew up hard
she could not hear
uncertain and lonely
other kids would jeer.

Robert grew up mean
kicked dogs who were small
being a bully
made him feel so ..........
Votes: 48,  Rating: 4.31 , 1 Story
Death Comes In The Form Of Love
A pretty girl meets a handsome man,
Once upon a Saturday night.
He takes her home and he kisses her,
And they make love with all their might.

Passion runs wild thru the midnight ..........
Votes: 84,  Rating: 4.29 , 1 Story
Be Proud Of Who You Are, Me
I come with no wrapping or pretty pink bows.
I am who I am from my head to my toes.
I tend to get loud when speaking my mind.
Even a little crazy some of the time.
I'm not a size 5 ..........
Votes: 191,  Rating: 4.28 , 1 Story
True Joy
By M. Jolynn Rawson-Hunt
I'll be happy once I've done this certain thing.
We all say this often not realizing what it brings.
We look only to the future for our happiness.
Letting life slip through our fingers in ..........
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Single Parenthood, Smart Advice
By Tyesha Brown
Smart advice
Love is a shame
Kissing is a gamble
The girls hate the playahs
The boys like the game
Your in the hospital
He isn't satisfied
You were in labor
Until ..........
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My Gift To My Great Grandmother
By Serbrina R. Walker
We sometimes complain that times are rough.
Money is tight and the going is tough.
The problem of life seems to conspire
To shake you, break you, and drag you through mire
It's a ..........
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