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In a loving relationship, there are often hurt feelings. We have certain expectations of our partner, and when they do not live up to them we are likely to feel a sense of betrayal. The truth is that if we put our hurt aside for a moment we may realize that our lover was not even aware of the expectations that we had for them. These expectations are probably a carryover of fantasies that we have in our heart of how a perfect lover behaves. It is OK to have these expectations. However, if we expect our partner to fulfill them for us we must at let them know what we would like.

Sad Love Poems about Hurting

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I Want To

I want to write about how you make me feel
How every time I see your face I know that you're real
I can't describe the feeling you always raise in me
I can't describe this wash of happiness …

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I like someone but I think he doesn't like me because I know he likes my best friend so what can I do? I can't think about that. If he knows about this he will think I am mad. So what can I do? I …

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  • by Randall Pela
  • Published: 7/10/2008
Unable To Conceive, I'm Sorry Son

I'm sorry son that I'll never get the chance to see you.
I'm sorry son I'll never get the chance to be you.
I hold you close to my heart I can't stand that we are apart.
I always wanted …

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  • by Kendra
  • Published: 1/8/2008
Letting Go Of Love Poem, Lies

You broke my heart in two
And took me like a bet,
with all you put me through
I have so many regrets.

To lose you was worth it,
although I wasn't sure,
it seemed to make me …

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I'm 23 and I've been with my boyfriend the father of my 3 babies for 4 1/2 years. Last year we were fighting a lot because he was never home. I was stuck in a house for about a year doing absolutely …

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  • by Labrina
  • Published: 12/14/2007
Love Gone Wrong, How You Do It

Sometimes I wonder how you do it.
How can you sit back and watch yourself hurt someone so bad and not feel any guilt.
You say things to me, about me, or behind me.
And you still look at me …

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Hi, I was wondering if I could get in contact with Labrina as I am looking to use this in a film that I may be directing. Thanks

  • by Shelli
  • Published: 7/16/2009

I thought it was a dream, I thought it wasn't real
But pain really hurts and its really how I feel
Memories keep coming back, and so do all of the tears
I hear your voice, and as quick as …

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This poem has made me realize how important life could be and how complicated things could be. I was in a relationship where by I was hurt, all that pain I felt everyday was painful like a pins all …

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Pain Pain Go Away

Pain pain go away!
Please do not come back another day.
Tears falling down my face
oh how I wish for his warm embrace.
Wonder if he cares about me.
Wonder if this is suppose to …

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I really thought this this was touching. It really made me cry. I'm not going to lie but it did and this poem is really letting it go.

  • by Caity
  • Published: 11/3/2013
Is It Worth The Pain?

Saying you loved me, with that look in your eye,
I wish I could say, it was a cold hearted lie,
I know that you love me, I know that you care,
But the rage inside you, slowly flared.
I …

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This poem hit me so bad! My husband and I was had an issue about our each others pasts. He always recall my mistakes in the past but he doesn't see what he has done in the past. God knows how much I …

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  • by Efi
  • Published: 12/27/2007
Fighting In Relationship

Two countries like shadows
fight every day
without end
cold and cruel
one the other.
They are linked with a chain
but the rings are rusty.
They burden and crawl the …

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  • by Leal:Ashae Sargent
  • Published: 4/2/2009
The Hardest Thing I'll Ever Do

The hardest thing I'll ever do
is let go of you
And look forward instead of back to my past
I wonder how long this broken heart will last
I guess everything you ever said was a …

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I love reading every single poem on this site. Thanks to all.

  • by Shana Worthen
  • Published: 6/2/2008
Faithful, Unsure Love

Through all the storms and struggles-
All the fights and tussles',
All the disrespect, and abuse,
My love was always true.

When you made me cry, made me feel unloved,
I was always …

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It's such a relief knowing that I am not the only person dealing with rape, misery and breakups. I just want to thank the Great Savior I've got a wonderful husband even after all the bad …

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