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Many people don't realize how serious the consequences of cheating are. When you are cheated on, you feel humiliated, fooled, annoyed and betrayed by the person you once considered to be your best friend. Your outlook on love is forever changed, your ability to trust someone is shaken, your inner peace is shattered, and all of your future relationships are affected. The reality of cheating is ugly. Cheaters might win temporarily at their game of unfaithfulness, but eventually, they will get caught and lose their faithful partner for a lifetime.

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Poem From A Cheater
  • by Névé
  • Published: Dec 2012

I can see the pain in your eyes,
it's right there,
reminding me of what I've done.
I am the betrayer,…

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  • by Jessica
  • Published: Nov 2011
I Loved You

You have no idea how I felt
You were my entire life
They say with time broken hearts heal
Rather then wait I turned to my knife…

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  • by Jess Austin
  • Published: 1/24/2014

When I hold his hand, I become invincible
Nothing could ever go wrong.
When I hear his voice, it makes my day
His voice is a beautiful song.…

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I'm only 14 with my boyfriend who is also 14. He cheated on me with my friend and his friends told …

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Love Becomes A Game
  • by Amy Alvarado
  • Published: Feb 2012
Never Once

Never once did I think I would fall for you
but there I was emotionally attached with no clue
all I could think about was, me and you
but you don't want me so what am I to do?…

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Ladies I know what you guys are going through, trust me men only wants what is in front of their …

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Forever Never Lasts That Long Ever
  • by Charnese Abbs
  • Published: Mar 2012
You Said.......

You said....
you loved me

You said......…

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  • by Tanya
  • Published: Oct 2012
Never You!!

How can you look into my eyes, open your mouth and tell me all these lies?
You brought me so much hurt and pain... Your driving me insane...…

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  • by Stacy
  • Published: Jul 2010

You were with him when I was gone.
I used to trust you that trust is gone.
The pictures are fading my mind is degrading.
Tonight he left.…

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i wrote this poem. I was wondering if there was a way to erase the reason for it????? i''d like …

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