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Many people don't realize how serious the consequences of cheating are. When you are cheated on, you feel humiliated, fooled, annoyed and betrayed by the person you once considered to be your best friend. Your outlook on love is forever changed, your ability to trust someone is shaken, your inner peace is shattered, and all of your future relationships are affected. The reality of cheating is ugly. Cheaters might win temporarily at their game of unfaithfulness, but eventually, they will get caught and lose their faithful partner for a lifetime.


  • By Jessica
  • Published: November 2011
I Loved You

You have no idea how I felt
You were my entire life
They say with time broken hearts heal
Rather then wait I turned to my knife

I gave you everything I could
I gave up everything for you,
You hurt me in return
Like I knew you would do

They tried to make me see
What you were all about
I turned away in disbelief,
Had to find out for myself

In the beginning everything was great
You made me smile you made me laugh
I fell for you, took the bait
But what I saw of you was only the good half

Months went by, I was in love
Thought you were all I would ever want or need
But clearly love was not enough to make you rise above
The reputation they told me to heed

Then things started going bad
I found you and her
It made me so mad
Your not the person I thought u were

I forgave you
For the betrayal and silly lies
Because you changed my view
To you I had so many ties

I begun to realize
That nothing was changing
You were like so many other guys
Constantly cheating

What did she have
That I was lacking
Was it looks
Or was it what she was packing

I tried to end it
But you kept holding on
I tried to run away
But you would not let me stay gone

You kept calling and calling
Convinced me I was wrong
Finally I was bawling
I couldn't move on

So Here was chance two
My biggest mistake
You tore my heart in two
Then stomped on it with hate

I was too helpless to leave
Even though I wanted to
I wanted to believe
That you would change

How stupid of me
To stay and stand by
Why didn't I see
That it was all one big lie

I'm gone for good now
It hasn't been easy
But I'm moving on slow
God you were sleazy

I found a good guy
He sure helped me see
That rather then cry
I had to work on me

You think you won
But you're so wrong
I'm moving on
It's not gonna take too long

I finally see
I'm better without you
My life is so breezy
God, get a clue

You have the whore
But the good girl got away
Have fun loser
Cuz away I'm gonna stay.



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