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When you can't seem to think about anything but one special person, you probably have a crush on them. Sometimes crushes come on quickly, love-at-first-sight style. Other times, crushes sneak up on you, turning a good friend into the object of your affection seemingly overnight. Crushes make you smile for no reason, daydream relentlessly, and feel extra motivated to go to school. They also make you reread text conversations a hundred times, just because. They are fun and innocent and sometimes, if you are extra lucky, they can even lead to love.

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  • By Tammy Luu
Love? No. Fate? I Think So

I knew the day we met
That we were meant to be
I knew our fate was set
That you were the one for me

I didn't even know you
I only knew your name
I wasn't sure what to do
I didn't know who to blame

I knew I thought you attractive
I could tell that you were nice
The butterflies were so active
That I couldn't think twice

Everything I did that day
Didn't show you who I am
Every time you came my way
My heart began to ram

My actions weren't natural
My reactions weren't real
I felt so very terrible
But my heart I did not wield

And when the group said goodbye to me
My eyes were fixed on you
I knew I was trying to see
If you felt the same way too

I liked you when I saw your face
But maybe it was the touch
My heart had begun to race
I already liked you too much

I knew the day we met
That we were meant to be
I knew our fate was set
As friends, as lovers, as enemies



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My crush is a family friend. We have been friends for about 13 years, and I started to grow an affection towards him from 12 years onwards. I can't remember how I first started to like him,...

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