Death Poems by Teens

Death, grief, and anguish all go hand in hand. But death brings with it many questions as well. Why do we die? Is this life all we get? What is the purpose? Why do good people sometimes die young? What happens after death? Do dead people watch over their loved ones from heaven? Sometimes not having those answers can deprive us of much needed comfort and solace. One way to find comfort after the death of a loved one is to remember fondly all of the good times you spent with them. Expressing your feelings to a good friend or family member can help too.


  • By Tala Bloneau
  • Published: April 2011
Mom?, Where Have You Gone?

I will never again
see your smiling face.
I will never again
feel your warm embrace.

I cry everyday
Wishing you'd come back.
Life just isn't the same
With the Mother I lack.

"I miss you mom,
Where have you gone?"
My days alone,
Just seem to long

I Scream and yell in anger
Wondering why your not here
I scream and yell in Sadness
Wishing you were near..

Somedays I feel
I can't handle the Pain
Somedays I cry knowing
That I'll never see your face again.

I looked up to the sky
and screamed ''Why Lord! Why!"
and as I fell to the ground
all I could do is cry..

Maybe God put you there
for a reason.
Maybe so I can see you
In every Season

Maybe Life Isn't so bad
with you gone.
Maybe you've been
With Me all Along

I miss you mom,
Where have you gone?
My days alone, are still to long..



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Soo sorry for your loss. You are a great writer. This poem was soo greatly written, I almost cried :'(

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