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When friends share experiences together, and then they must part, there is a feeling of sadness. Saying goodbye to friends that we feel connected to is an occasion of somber reflection. It is hard to imagine our lives without them, and yet we have no choice but to go on. It is comforting to know that for however long you will be separated you will always be in each others hearts. It is also an opportunity to be more present to others in your life and to look for opportunities to form new friendships.

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  • By Jaimie-Beth Faulkner
Goodbye Best Friend

Things may change from this day on
here with us is where you belong
someone like you there is no other
you're the closest thing I have to a brother

you have only been in my life for quite a short while
but even when I'm down you seem to make me smile
that place in my heart you will always stay
such good memories they will never fade away

The tears I shed I shed for you
but now i'ts time to make your dreams come true
for all the times you have helped me out
a good future ahead of you I have no doubt

you gave me confidence you gave me pride
even when your gone I'll be by your side
for all them fears in which we shared
to say goodbye I'm not prepared

for you I'll hold my head up high
keep myself strong to say goodbye
it may hurt and I may cry
I think to myself and I wonder why

what we'll do I really don't know
all I know is I will never let go
you're a true friend for that is true
when I was down I came to you.

I am so glad that we became friends
but this isn't where our journey ends
the memories we have will last forever more
I will always love you for that I'm sure.

always in my heart and in my heart you will stay
I can't believe todays the day
you made me stronger and that I believe
but now it's time to let you leave.


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My best friend (Pete) means the world to me and just by reading this amazing poem I started to cry....I never want to lose him because he means the world to me. Man you made me cry the a...

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