Valentines Day Poems to Girlfriend

Guys, if you're looking for inspiration, think about this. Where would you be without your girlfriend? Have you ever tried sharing feelings with your buddies? They just don't get it, and they would laugh at you anyway. Be thankful that you have someone that you can be vulnerable with. Having a woman in your life is the ultimate gift. Your bodies fit together because your souls fit together and you're meant to be together. Say thank you to your girlfriend. Tell her how grateful you are that she is in your life.

Valentines Day Poems for Girlfriends

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A Thought True To You
By Sean Raine
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And I love you

Your smile is amazing
Your beauty so true
Your eyes shine like stars
They will see our love through

You're ..........
Votes: 159,  Rating: 4.18
A Time To Give It A Shot, Valentines Day
By Tyler Holley
Your beautiful eyes
Your warming smile
Your wonderful country accent
Makes me smile

I'm shy to talk to you
Foolish, I don't know why
What to be scared of,
You remind me of ..........
Votes: 43,  Rating: 4.12
By Uma
Curly hairs fallen on your face
Kissing your charming cheeks
Having fun of the moment
Gently swaying to the wind

Blinking eyes looking all over
Piercing my heart ..........
Votes: 20,  Rating: 4.1
By Jesse L. Bennett
It's Valentines Day
Just thought you'd like to know by the way
This is the day where everyone tries to win someone's heart
And hope there's doesn't fall apart
They send letters and ..........
Votes: 22,  Rating: 4.09
My Heart Forever
By Jake Casteel
For this Valentines day,
I don't have much money,
No rings, or a car, or a special necklace,
What I instead decided to give you is something priceless,
It's something every girl ..........
Votes: 197,  Rating: 4.06 , 3 Stories
My Valentine
By Michael C. Bryant
Are all roses red?
Are violets blue?
I'll put rose pedals on the bed.
Then I'll wait for you.
Dinner will be cooking.
I'll put on my best clothes.
Out the window, I'll keep ..........
Votes: 55,  Rating: 4.05
My Love For You
By Michael Shiver
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Music is beautiful
And so are you

You smell so good
You smell so sweet
You smell good enough to eat

My love is for you
For you are in my ..........
Votes: 71,  Rating: 3.94
Would You Be My Valentine
By Jonah S. Bounsana
Would you be my valentine?
I'll give you x's and o's
Heart shaped candy
And a little rose

Would you be my valentine?
And mean everything to me
I'll show you anything you'd ever ..........
Votes: 47,  Rating: 3.91
Love From University
By Pelontle Konopang
I never thought love really existed,
until the time I first set my eyes on you...
my heart stopped for a moment and I knew we have a better destination,
I love you, I am not ..........
Votes: 31,  Rating: 3.77
Happy Valentines Day
By Dominique R. Ruiz
I can't seem to get you off my mind
And I'm sure that every time
I close my eyes your smile is what I will see
Because happily by your side or in your arms is where I want to be
AMAZING ..........
Votes: 58,  Rating: 3.71
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Valentines Day Poems to Girlfriend 1-10 of 14    
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