Funny Valentines Day Poems

Sometimes you have feelings for someone but you're not sure if they feel the same way about you. To share your feelings straight out is scary and leaves you very vulnerable. On Valentine's Day, you may want to write a humorous poem, one that feels light and sweet, in order to find out whether they have feelings for you. In this way you won't get hurt if they not interested and you've shown that you are interested if they are. This is a safe way to make your feelings known without getting hurt.

Cute Valentines Day Poems

Funny Love Poems for Valentines Day

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A Redneck Valentine's Day Poem
By Denise Scott
Collards is green, yer eyes ain't blue
I am so lucky to have a darlin' like you.
Ya kin strip a motor in just few minutes
And still have time to go hunt supper and even skin it.

We go ..........
Votes: 65,  Rating: 4.11
Stuck On You
You're sucrose, you're glucose,
You're fructose and more,
From your head to your feet...
Which are stuck to the floor.

You're Hershey's, you're Snickers,
You're sweet English ..........
Votes: 143,  Rating: 4.08 , 1 Story
Valentines Day Poem For Dad, Daddy I Love You
By Claire Anderson
Daddy, I love you
For all that you do.

I'll kiss you and hug you
'Cause you love me, too.

You help me, but sometimes,
need me to teach you to play.

So smile 'cause I ..........
Votes: 199,  Rating: 4.03
Friend Or Foe, Someone I Know
By Lily V. Tran
There's someone I know
Who I really can't stand
I wish he would bury his
Head in the sand or
Move to the moon or
Deeper out of space
Whenever I see him
I make a weird ..........
Votes: 171,  Rating: 3.99 , 2 Stories
Candy Love
By Terra Mcdonald
Fly away with me my dove
To a forbidden place where the skittles meet the rainbow
Lay under the milky way with me
And lets gaze at the star burst together
Just you and me, sweet ..........
Votes: 93,  Rating: 3.91
Valentines Day
By Ashley Williams
Valentines Day is coming up, and I don't have a valentine, so now what shall I do?
Almost every boy has asked me, every one but Drew.
Who is this Drew person you say?
Oh only the boy I've ..........
Votes: 41,  Rating: 3.9
Valentine To Friend Poem, Be My Valentine
By Elver B
Please be my valentine
I will open for you the door
I will take your coat for you
I will let you have the remote

I will let you touch my phone
I will let you choose the hotel
I ..........
Votes: 28,  Rating: 3.89
You, The Exquisite Part Of Valentines Day
By Kaya De Poetic
Hearts are flying,
Stars are aligned,
So many valentine cards I will find
On top of my desk,
And under my chair,
I even found one tangled up in my hair,
Oh valentines day, ..........
Votes: 23,  Rating: 3.52
I Don't Get Valentines Day, I Have An Idea
By Jade Valentine
I don't get valentines day,
it's rather a pickle.
I don't get why we fall in "Love" so hard,
I say it's a set up,
for our hearts to burst.
But girls love it so I guess it's a ..........
Votes: 14,  Rating: 3.5
Simple And True
By Beverly C. Kessinger

This is the love I have for you.
One= cannot be undone
Two= oh boy! do I love you!
Three= just you and me
Four= please don't close the door
Five= you make me feel alive! ..........
Votes: 101,  Rating: 3.06
Funny Valentines Day Poems 1-10 of 10    
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