Falling in Love Poem

First off just about every poem I write is going to be about things that are important to me and my life. I don't just do stuff to do it. I write because i love to. It's not something I just do. Well anyways I wrote this particular one about a girl that I care deeply for. She is my best friend in the entire world. I would do anything for her. Hope you all like it

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© Brett Walker

Published on August 2008

I get this funny feeling way down deep inside.
My hands begin to shake whenever she walks by.
My heart begins to pound.
My head begins to whir.
Each and every time I even get near her.
I keep asking myself why I can't even say one word.
My mouth begins to open but my words come out all slurred.
It's really no big secret that I have the biggest crush.
everybody knows somehow that I might be in love.



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