Relationship Poem

Enough Hurting Those Who Love You

This poem is about a person that is burning bridges and hurting the ones that love them. I think it can apply to family, friends, and relationships.

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© Erin

April 2011


Wondering why you have so much hate
Before you see it will be too late
Trying to accept who you are
Just seems far too far
All the pain that you have created
Just sits within you with so much hatred
Hoping you will come to see
What everyone else seems to believe
All I want is for you to realize
You are burning bridges with the one who tries
Open your heart and let me in
Before I just give up let it end
It will be years to fix these issues
I just hope by then I can still trust you
How much more do you think I can take
You won't see until it's too late


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