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Forgive People

This poem was written for all the contempt I had for my birth mother never coming forward after finding her and writing to her for 16 years. I realized I did not need her acceptance I had a wonderful mother and father (Foster) who raised me and my brother as their very own.

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© Mary Masillo

Published: Jan 2008



I know forgiveness is good for my soul and my health

A smile on my face is definitely my personal wealth
I lived too long holding a grudge
And found out if I wanted it to end
I had to budge
So I extended the olive branch and it was received
In fact it was easier than I perceived
Sometimes forgiveness starts in your heart and winds up on your lips
This was my experience and now I give you these tips
Please don't wait as long as I did because the benefits definitely outweigh the risk
Forgiveness is the short cut to a big fix



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