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Almost as long as there has been life, war has been a part of it. Mankind continues to wage war even though the consequences often breed nothing but misery. However, when a person is called to defend his or her country, or protect other defenseless people, it is his duty to fight. There is no question that there is evil in the world and we must not rest on our laurels and say it is none of our business. We cannot stand by and watch while others are being persecuted. It is the duty of mankind to uphold justice.

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  • by Alisha
  • Published: 1/21/2009
Poem From Sister For Her Brother, For A Soldier

When you wake up in the morning or stay up on nights end
know that your sister is here till the very end
When you gather your equipment and grasp your gun
Know that you're loved, brother, …

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I am Ryan and I am 15. I am doing responses to various texts and I decided to look for War poems. Your poem inspired me to write a response on it. I thank you for writing a brilliant thought …

  • by Beatrice Boyle
  • Published: 2/15/2006
Words Not Spoken

Although he could not say with words
The love he felt inside
He treasured every moment
And his heart would fill with pride
He never said I love you
But he came to every game
Even in …

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My dad didn't die in the war but at home. I still know the pain of not having him home to care for you or congratulate you. In my eyes he was the bravest hero I know, his friends were going to be …

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  • by Alisha Mcaleese
  • Published: 8/12/2008
A Soldier's Daughter

When I first came into this world
You could not be there.
But mommy promised every night
That you would always care.

Each day I grow a little more
And I'm beginning to look like …

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My dad is in the army and when he deployed to Cuba my mom started doing drugs and a lot of other bad things and now he is in Afghanistan and I just hope nothing bad will happen.

  • by Gina M. Makowsky
  • Published: 2/15/2006
Soldier Daddy

To you I may be very small
Or think I don't know much at all
I've learned to grow up rather fast
With so much future and not much past

I'm just two years old but often sad
I want …

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This story touched me and I feel like crying. I'm 20 yrs old living a life of being a mom of 3 children {18, 15 and 12 yrs} because our mom left us..but I thank God because he is there for us and I …

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  • by Mary Hodges
  • Published: 9/9/2008
Come Home To Me

My darling Katie, words cannot say
How proud I am of you today
You're beautiful, courageous, good and strong
Taking up the cause to right the wrongs
The world has caused for far too long …

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  • by Alexander Brush
  • Published: 12/2/2011
A Gunner's Lament

I was charged with their safety
My one and only task
To protect that convoy
From that fatal blast

Only I could have stopped it
Could of saved their lives
It was up to me to …

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  • by Virginia Thom
  • Published: 2/15/2006
My Brother At War

I am so very proud
Of how he turned out to be
He is out there standing his ground
Fighting for our country
I could not ask for a better man
To be in my family
I am glad God had this …

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A Wounded Soldier

Today is another day of patrols
These days all seem the same
That is unless we see action
Unaware that would be today
"Charlie six, shots fired,
Small arms, from …

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  • by Amanda L. Thurnherr
  • Published: 2/15/2006
Brother Leaves For Army, My Brother

You've been there for me
Through it all
You're always there to catch me
When I start to take a fall.

If I do something bad
You'll take the blame
And for all of that
I am …

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I know how you feel, I do share the same thing but they're are still my brothers regardless of what they do. I'll still love them no matter what. I will wish you and your brother good luck and …

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  • by Theresa Kackley
  • Published: 12/24/2008
My Son

He stands tall
He stands proud
In a foreign country
Among a foreign crowd

He leaves his family
He leaves his home
To fight for our rights
A new land he'll roam

He …

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I had 2 sons in the Marines and a daughter in the Army, I understand your fear. May God bless your son and keep him safe, I always pray for our service men and women as well as their families, time …

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