Fear Poems

Fear is a part of life. It is part of the range of feelings that humans experience on a daily basis. In our culture, fear has come to be experienced as negative. However, the truth is that fear is a perfectly normal feeling to experience and we would all feel a lot better if we simply allowed ourselves to feel it fully. If we do not we will have somatic symptoms of fear that are much more painful than simply allowing the feeling to be felt.

Poems about Facing Fear

Poems about Fearlessness

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Poem About Fear Of Growing Old, Happy Birthday
By Avia Cohen
I loathe this time of year
A time intended for celebration
But instead I detest
All I hear is "Happy Birthday"
From strangers with perky smiles

I cringe at every ..........
Votes: 8,  Rating: 4.75
Fear Itself Is Undefined
By Bianca Flores
I lay on my bed soaking my pillow with my tears,
I try to remember exactly what it is that I fear.
Is it the passing of time or the love that I lack?
Is it the mistakes that I've made or the ..........
Votes: 378,  Rating: 4.41 , 11 Stories
Poem About Childhood Mental Abuse, He Is Here
By Patricia Sampson
When her mother gone,
the little child's body feels revealed,
for the shadows speaks, you are not alone.

Close the shower curtains, cover any holes and doors;
I am afraid he can see ..........
Votes: 10,  Rating: 4.4
Last Resort
By Kellie
A plethora of predicaments race in my mind at best,
which one can I fathom to ponder about next.
Shall I even think of acting upon what my mind stirs about,
or cry my soul asleep by this ..........
Votes: 33,  Rating: 4.39 , 2 Stories
Imagine Running Away From Your Worst Nightmare, Frozen Memories
By Anastasia Schofield
There is snow in the air
The coldness reaches my heart
There is death everywhere
My stone heart is tearing apart
Our emotions are hidden in the cold
The only person I have left is ..........
Votes: 29,  Rating: 4.34
Fear Of Home
By Ray
you run in fear
you walk in fear
you hide in fear
you show in fear

life a nightmare
one that never ends
one you can't escape
one where your worst fears are your ..........
Votes: 32,  Rating: 4.31 , 1 Story
But Why Do I Stay?, Go
Why do I stay when I want to go?
Is it because I have hope?
Or maybe it is because I don't want to be alone.

I stay and all I do is complain.
Complain that I might be going ..........
Votes: 30,  Rating: 4.3
The Abuse
By Sammi Jo
When I was little you abused me in every way
you hurt me and didn't care because you felt no

When I was little I didn't know what you were
doing wasn't okay.

When I was ..........
Votes: 48,  Rating: 4.29 , 1 Story
Suicide Tempts Me
By Sherita Brown
Suicide tempts me every time I swallow,
all because this destructive life lead,
and the paths I follow.
I'm invisible to myself,
and will soon be to everyone who once cared.
Many ..........
Votes: 110,  Rating: 4.28 , 2 Stories
Cry For Help!!!
By Passion
I thirst for help before it's to late.....
I stand alone in the darkness as I lay......
the might of his fist feels like burning coal.....
the power of his kick ordains the soul...... ..........
Votes: 54,  Rating: 4.22 , 4 Stories
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Fear Poems 1-10 of 25    
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