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Teachers change lives. Being the right person at the right time may be enough to change a person's life forever. Human beings are constantly changing. Whether for the good or for the bad, we do not stay the same. Having a positive influence in the form of a teacher can make or break a human being. Years after we are out of school, we remember the teachers that changed our lives. In most cases these may have been the first people that believed in us. That experience of having an authority figure believe that we could succeed carries us forever.

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Not Just A Teacher, But A Friend
I had no where to turn, had no where to go.
this is just something I think you need to know
I don't know what made me trust you
I still remember the day when I told you what I've been ..........
Votes: 400,  Rating: 4.05 , 10 Stories
You Touched My Inner Soul
The Clarity you gave to me,
It shone like Angel rays,
Like water rushed on golden sands,
And crashed along the bays.

The questions deep within my heart,
Confused my humble ..........
Votes: 96,  Rating: 3.9 , 1 Story
A Teacher Like You
I have had nowhere to turn
I had a lot to learn
not just about math science and English
about life

But you listen and never told
I have never known what that felt like before
I ..........
Votes: 143,  Rating: 3.89 , 2 Stories
Goodbye to A Special Teacher, Don't Want To Say Goodbye
By Asha Cook
I remember the times when you were there for me
through my many tears you helped me really see
that you always there for me
you stood close to me like a friend, there for me
until the ..........
Votes: 171,  Rating: 3.85 , 2 Stories
Poem Tribute to A Teacher, You Told Me .....
By Imani Miller
You told me to listen to my heart
But it wasn't speaking

You told me to wait
But soon I got impatient

You told me to feel
But I didn't know how to feel beyond my ..........
Votes: 64,  Rating: 3.78
Poem Thanking A Special Teacher, Getting Back To It
By Katrina
Sitting in a classroom with the smell of chalk and glue,
I think back to those days when I hated to get up early
Couldn't stand to be there and couldn't wait to get home.
In the beginning I ..........
Votes: 48,  Rating: 3.69
Poem To A Teacher And A Friend. My Final Goodbye Friend
By Ali
No one understands the way I feel
why the good die so very young,
my world feels constantly hazy though,
I do not show it
my world like a muddy puddle,
when I think about ..........
Votes: 42,  Rating: 3.45 , 2 Stories
On The Edge
By Kristy Vernillion
I was on the edge
trying to get through life
listened to my friend
and started cutting
over two in a half years of cutting
looking for attention from any one
a teacher was there ..........
Votes: 43,  Rating: 3.3
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