Lost Love Poem

From Love To Hate

This poet writes with perhaps some pessimism that the nature of all love is ultimately to end in sorrow.

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Published on November 2007

The Cycle

Why do we feel such strong emotion,
Of complete care and pure devotion.
It seems to bring,just pain and fear,
Along with shame and then the tears.

Though at first, it sure feels great,
As if, almost, it were in fate.
With a smile, we first feel love,
And then we thank Great God above.

Making it last for a while,
Thinking he or she is in denial.
Keeping secrets from each other,
Living lies with one another.

Beating ourselves with jealousy,
Wondering who it is they see,
The warmth that we had felt before,
Begins to fly,right out the door.

Distance then grows the two apart,
Knowing they are not right at heart,
The cycle that they had began,
Finally came unto its end.

-Spencer Castro


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