Valentines Day Poem For Him

I had given up on love, because I kept getting hurt over and over by the guys I dated. The guy I wrote this poem for pursued me for a long time, but I figured he was like the rest so I kept blowing him off even though I was attracted to him. One day I finally decided to give him a chance, so we talked and got to know each other. Now I wish I hadn't pushed him away for so long. He has turned out to be the greatest guy a girl could ask for.

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I know how it feels to give up on love. I was hurt a lot in my past relationships but then I met my current boyfriend who makes me so happy. It is so easy to be with him and I can share my...

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Glad I Met You

© Virginnia R Dryver

Published on February 2011

At first I wasn't looking for love.
I wanted no one in my life,
for I had totally given up.
All I wanted was to hide.

But for just a moment
I gave you a chance.
I let my guard down,
One last try at romance.

I never imagined that I
would find all this and more.
The best friend and lover,
that one could ever hope for.

A friend I can count on,
to listen and understand.
A lover, for me to hold,
that is truly a good man.

I love when you smile,
and all the things you do.
So I want you to know that
you're my dream come true.

I know in my heart now
that no one else will do.
Happy Valentine's Day Baby
I'm so glad that I met you


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  • by Ashley M
  • 8 months ago

I know how it feels to give up on love. I was hurt a lot in my past relationships but then I met my current boyfriend who makes me so happy. It is so easy to be with him and I can share my deepest feelings with him. I love how we can tell each other things that we have never told anybody else before and how he holds me like he never wants to let me go and I feel so safe whenever I am with him and I love how different he is from any other guys that I have dated or known. I know in my heart that he is the one for me no one else. we have been together for 4 months.

  • by Esme, Texas
  • 8 months ago

This poem is amazing. It is what happened with my fiancé. We met almost 3 years ago but I was dating someone else at the time. He treated me good and made me happy but I didn't see him as a boyfriend. It was after a heartbreak that I decided he deserved a chance and when I opened my heart to him I just fell in love. And now we are happily engaged.

  • by Slame
  • 2 years ago

When I first saw my true love I fell in love with him. He is so sweet he bought me two rings that meant so much too me that I want to cry.

  • by Viviana Alcala
  • 2 years ago

When I first read this poem. I started to cry I couldn't believe it. This was me. I wasn't looking for love. I wanted no one in my life, I had given up too. Am glad I gave myself another chance in romance. I found my best friend and lover. You are everything to me. Thank You I love You there's no doubt in my heart it's love.

  • by Antigua&Barbuda
  • 4 years ago

This poem is so wonderful. I cried when I read it. It is so sensitive.

  • by Vicki Preston
  • 4 years ago

Wow I came across this poem and sat and read it and it totally explains what happened when I met the man I'm with now, who is now my fiance, all the words in that made so much sense, it's such a beautiful poem.

  • by Christina
  • 5 years ago

This poem really touched me everything about it totally relates to me.. before I met my boyfriend I wanted to completely give up and this poem just explains everything I went through. Now I found the love of my life and I cannot explain how much I truly love him. This poem just really sums it up for me.

  • by Yashna, Mauritius
  • 5 years ago

My story is also same. Every time I got hurt in love. The one whom I loved the most could not understand my feelings for him. I gave up but now I do not regret to have my boyfriend. He loves me more than I love him. I am really very happy with him.

  • by Cristal, Chicago
  • 5 years ago

This is so me, loved it.
I had my heart broken soo many times that I gave up & instead of just being single I started playing guys for all they had then laugh at them. But then one day out of no where came this guy which I hated at 1st but then . . . Well, let me put it this way, we are still together and don't regret meeting him.

  • by Quita, Md
  • 5 years ago

This poem is me from beginning to end. After I gave up, I met my fiancée who I didn't know was pursuing me two years ago. LOVE IT!

  • by Ashley, Ohio
  • 5 years ago

it actually helped me and my boyfriend get along a better and show our feelings for each other and get stronger thoughts and it actually made me feel warm and fuzzy inside because that is how I feel about my boyfriend...

  • by Ambi, New York
  • 5 years ago

I had this same thing happen to me too, now I'm with the love of my life and it couldn't get any better love my boyfriend forever and always

  • by Shelby, Mississippi
  • 5 years ago

it's so inspiring to sounds a lot like me..thats how I feel about my boyfriends

  • by Hannah Cooper
  • 5 years ago

Wow, I can completely relate to this!
I about 3 months ago I just gave up, then I also "let my guard down" and my I found something to live for now. [:

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