Break Up Poem

I Wrote My Name In The Clouds

This poem is about how I dated this person for 6 months and they ended up cheating n me once, then I went back to them stupidly, and then the cheated again. I can't look at them the same any more. But it kills me because I wish we were still friends... :(

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I have loved you like no other
I gave you my heart
But in the end you decided
that I was nothing at all.

You looked at me convincing
with what I...

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February 2011

I Wrote

I wrote my name in the clouds,
But the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
But the water washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
And forever it will stay.
Until the day came,
And you ripped it away.

You broke my heart in two
all bloody and blue
from a cold hearted person like you.

My heart is trying to heal,
But it can't on its own,
Because I need you to fix it.

I miss your gentle touch,
And your soft kiss,
Your smile can make me smile.
And your voice is so soothing,
Not hearing it makes me go crazy.

Just you all together,
There is no line of words....
That can explain how I feel about you.
Sometimes the moments feel right,
And want them to last forever.

The way I look at you has changed...
You broke my heart once
Then you did it again....
I can't trust certain people now....
Because of you.....

Not wanting you to leave,
But I'm moving on but very slowly....
I have to hide the fact that I love you
From so many different people...
But I can't handle not telling you.

I look at you different...
But I love you the same
Sadly but true...
And I can't be without you....

Wanting to tell you
How I feel....
But finding it hard to breathe
Around you....
You take my breath away when I'm around you...
You sweep me right off my feet.

My heart skips a beat....
When I feel you against me....
When you're in my arms...


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  • by Jennifer
  • 3 years ago

I have loved you like no other
I gave you my heart
But in the end you decided
that I was nothing at all.

You looked at me convincing
with what I thought was love.
You told me that you loved me
and now I'm nothing at all.

My heart is dead and
my eyes sting with tears.
I feel so alone and
devastated by your lies.

If you were going to cheat
I wish you would have said
"I don't love you anymore
our love is now dead".

I believed every single lie
I loved you with all I have.
I never would have hurt you
Now I'm nothing at all.


  • by Lisa, Chino
  • 3 years ago

I broke up with my boyfriend today....I'm crushed!!!! when I read this see I'm at least not the only one!!! but still............anyways great poem!!! Idk you but I love you still!! :)


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