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You can only play with a persons heart so much, until they decide the game is over. My names is Angeline and my poems come from within.

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Wow! This poem is amazing! It completely reminds me of my first boyfriend. …

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Published: Nov 2008

I'm Not Turning Back

Every time I would ask, you said I was tripping.
I trusted you boy, but now I am quitting.
You broke my heart, took it and tore it apart.
You promised to me never again.
But maybe I'd be better if we were just friends.
I never really had the proof.
But now it hurts cause I know the truth.
You make me promises that u didn't keep.
But now its your time to moan and weep.
I stayed true and faithful to you.
Something u couldn't.
I wanted to let go, but I just wouldn't.
You said you were mines, evidently your not.
She already told me what happened.
Yea that's what I thought.
I knew you was playing, but I still loved you..
I had a lot of feelings so what could I do.
But now they are gone..whose fault is that?
You took a knife and put it in my back.
You didn't know what you had.
But now you don't have it.
Isn't that sad.
I loved you with all my heart, and still do.
But how could u play me for a fool.
Baby I trusted you, why did you do that?
But now I'm leaving, and I'm not turning back...


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Sabrina
  • Dec 2009

Wow! This poem is amazing! It completely reminds me of my first boyfriend. You see, I lost my virginity to him and not even six hours later he cheated on me. The girl actually told me the next day. She told me a lie and said he raped her. When I called him all he did was lie. I just wanted to know the truth. But he was too much of a coward to even tell me. Good job for leaving that guy. He obviously didn't deserve you in the first place.


  • by misty self
  • Nov 2008

When I read this poem it really touched me because if I didn't know any better, I would say it was wrote just for me! Me and the guy I just broke up with had been together for 10 months. That's including ALL the times that we split b/c he cheated on me & cheated on me & so on..... Well we were broke up until 1 wk ago! And we got back together and of course all the sorries and I love you's and it wont happen again and you're all I want, blah blah blah! I found out today that he and "her" had still been talking! It hurts but I told him.."you had a winning hand and lost! call her because IM THROUGH, and you're not hurting me NO MORE!!!!"


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