Betrayal Poem

Leaving Abusive Husband Poem

This poem is for the guy I finally got the courage to leave after years of physical and emotional abuse... I learnt that nothing is more important than happiness.

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April 2008

Why Did You Lie?

Why did you leave? why did you go?
you wouldn't listen when I said no
you said that we could be together
and that our love would last forever

Why did you lie

You promised me marriage, a family too
how could I be so stupid? how could I have believed you?
Constantly arguing day and night
all we ever did was fight

Why did you lie?

I found the message on your phone
you told me that you were alone
she said she loves you and needs you there
why did you do this? why don't you care?

Why did you lie?

I kissed you goodbye and saw you out
I started packing, I had no doubt
I was leaving, going for good
not because I didn't love you but because I know I should
you phoned and phoned begging me to come home...

I know why I lied

I chose happiness


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