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Poem About Choices And Consequences

Life's choices changes our lives.

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I had to choose between my ex boyfriend and someone knew. I chose the …

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Published: Sep 2009


Why did I decide to change the course of my life?
I was impatient and naive that I let people take advantage of me.
My life has turned up side down and now it is crashing down.
I thought I could find love and hold it, blindly I went for it.
And tried to hold on to someone I thought felt the same.
But only cause myself heartache and pain.

I gave all that I had my mind and body and soul.
For what, only to be told that I was not the one he wanted to hold.
That I was just someone he could control.
Said he was ashamed to be seen with me.
You don't know what that has done to me.
How stupid am I that I cry and cry.
Cry out why? Why?

Then I am reminded of the choices I had made.
Those choices have changed my life completely.
I have done this to myself.
No one is to blame.
I thought if I ignored the pain.
The pain would go away and things would change.

But I was wrong things have changed.
I do not feel the same.
For what was once love has turned to hate.
And now I must make my escape.


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  • by Kelleysmith, Wa
  • Oct 2010

I had to choose between my ex boyfriend and someone knew. I chose the someone knew...finding out I was just a winning to him nothing more. I know my ex really loved me when he took me back after I was so horrible to him. I regret ever doubting the feelings I had for him.


  • by Maliyah Dixon
  • Sep 2010

My class thought that this poem was very nice and some of this happened to them in their life.


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