Crying Poem by Teens

Loneliness and Isolation Poem

My name is Angelica. I wrote this poem to describe how lonely I have felt. How no one, not even my parents are here for me. How everyone hates me. So I just decided to write this poem and show it on pubic. Am just a girl.

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© Angelica Lopez

Published on July 2012

See the girl
Standing in the corner
No words, always quiet
A loner

No one to see
No one to care
As she stands
On the edge of despair

Her body screams no
Her heart pleads yes
What will she do?
No one knows yet

Won't someone save her?
I'd be easy if they tried
The little things she needs
Like a shoulder on which to cry

An apology to her parents
And a plea to die
Into divers position
She's made up her mind

No one will see her
No one will care
Even If they did
All they would see is
A shell of a girl that is no longer there


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